Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not Much To Say Tonight

SandDune, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

You're probably expecting me to chime in about the recent Ansel Adams find. Maybe you'd like me to talk about all of the recent happenings on Top Gear (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were guest stars this week!) or perhaps I should chirp up once more about the weather? (Yeah, it's still hot. It's Texas, what do you want?) Nope, I'm not going to do any of that.

Tonight? Tonight, I'm not talking. Sorry, I've been busy doing a bunch of stuff and I find myself wanting to actually say very little. I've been playing in Photoshop again, playing with textures and layers. Oh yeah, you probably could have guessed that without me telling you as much. But, you know, sometimes I just don't need words.

Words? Nope, sorry, not tonight.

Until next time...


mythopolis said...

Like the scene you photographed, though.

Carol said...

Thanks! It's bleary black and white, isn't it?