Monday, August 27, 2018

My home, My little home, A little house of my own

There is an old Greek proverb that says, "My home, my little home, a little house of my own." This basically translates into "Home, Sweet Home" in English, although there is something a bit lost in that translation. I believe we all have nesting instincts of sorts. That deep down inside, no matter how much of a nomad we appear to be, there is a part of each and every one of us that loves to come home again. There is just something about the peaceful solitude of home that signifies comfort. Home is a place where you can kick your shoes off, relax, enjoy a cup of tea in your favorite comfortable chair, maybe curl up with a good book and forget the world.

This summer, I've been fielding a lot of questions. "Where are you going next?" is often among the top. I get it a lot. After having been to China and other assorted places like Dakota, Peru, Iceland, Santorini, and frankly a few others that didn't quite make my fast flying fingertips, I have to say I'm enjoying a quiet rest at home. I'm trying to fix up the house, to get my home studio to the point where it is setup fully and flowing freely. I have made a lot of progress on this front but it's not quite all the way. Frankly, I am at the point where I would prefer to nest, to cuddle up, and finish what I have here, rather than trying to jaunt off yet again. There are always exotic locations out there to explore, I know they will wait for me. The road goes on forever and I am a consummate explorer. I have grown to expect this, yes, but I also appreciate the quite solitude of home as there is a wonderful comfort there as well.

If I had to travel, if I had to pick a place right now, I'd probably be looking at Oregon, Fiji, Faroe Islands, Madagascar or someplace in Africa (Tanzania too comes to mind. God, how I wish I could visit and shoot Stone Town.) Right now though, right at this very moment in time, Zanzibar will have to wait. I really want to snuggle up with a good book and forget about life for a few seconds. Am I really not allowed to do that? I hope you will forgive me for not exploring as much as I could be and allow me this quiet solitude.

I hope you get to enjoy your quiet solitude, your home, some this summer as well. The craziness of travel and autumn will bring lots of surprises, excitement, and energy our way soon enough. Enjoy the peace while it lasts.

Until next time...

Opportunity Weekend - August 26th 2018

New England front porch in downtown Dover, New Hampshire featuring a white door with lace curtains, a porch painted red, peeking through green bushes
There's an old saying, "When one door closes...check to see if it has lace curtains and photograph the heck out of it. Then, submit it to juried shows!" Actually, as you probably know, that's not exactly how the old saying goes but, heck, it's time to re-write some of those old beliefs, is it not? Here are some opportunities for those "closed doors" of sorts:
That's a bunch of opportunities to get after this week so go on, beat down those doors.

Until next time...

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Opportunity Weekend - August 18th, 2018

Catch a boat, catch a lobster, catch an opportunity off a pier using a worm on a string. Hey, folks, it's time for opportunity weekend once again. Here are some opportunities for you, lemon and butter sauce not included:
Maybe not as cool as a nice cold beer at this place but enough to get after it so good luck out there.

Until next time...

PS This one from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I hear it's a popular restaurant. Well, popular, that is, unless maybe you're a lobster.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Opportunity Weekend - August 11, 2018

Night time is the right time for some hot new opportunities. OK, so it makes for a corny introduction but, hey, it's opportunity weekend, were you really expecting something that was actually funny? Here are some opportunities for the week. Good luck out there!
That's a bunch of entries for you to chase into the night so get going and good luck.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Creating Global Kitchens with Odds and Ends

Went over to the Water Gardens today for a bit of afternoon shooting. It's hot now, expected as it's mid summertime and this is Texas after all. Was hot and sunny although some clouds helped keep the light from going totally blasted out on me. Still was not very inspired today, I don't know why. I did have a good time, despite the heat. I've been walking more, so I only had to sit down and park myself on a bench one time and that was to get out of the heat more than it was to rest my aching bones. The FitBit/cardio is doing me a world of good these days, as I am now down about 45 pounds or so. Still more to drop but we are moving in the right direction these days and I do feel like there's hope for a better tomorrow in that department. I am now walking about 15k steps a day or so, actually riding the bike for about an hour and a half every day now and it's doing its magic on me. I feel a lot better anyway, so there's that.

In other news, I have another show to tell you about. I had two pieces accepted into a show called "Creating Global Kitchens" at the Office of International Affairs at Texas Tech University up in Lubbock, Texas. From their announcement of the show, "Food connects us to one another, our lands, and our traditions. We would like to celebrate one of the most important aspects of cultures around the world, by showcasing the variety of ways people grow, distribute, cook and present food. The photograph can be of an international food experience in a foreign country, or locally at an international festival or restaurant. This exhibit will also highlight the efforts Breedlove Foods, Inc., a non-profit food distribution organization located in Lubbock. In the West Gallery, we will display photographs of the people and places throughout the world where Breedlove has helped those in need. During the reception we plan to have a brief panel discussion with representatives from Breedlove, the South Plains Food Bank, and the department of Food and Nutrition at Texas Tech."

The relevant dates for the show are: on display August 20th through mid-October. The reception will be held September 27, 2018 at the OIA Gallery, 601 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79409-5004 (On the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock.)

I am really excited about this show, in part because it's highlighting the work of a nonprofit organization that, quite literally, helps feed the world. It really makes me feel good to know that, in some little way, a couple of my images are doing some small thing to help feed those in need. I know I am not doing much by just putting these images up on the wall but it is a little something in the right direction, at least this is how I see things. It feels good knowing that a nonprofit could be using one (or two actually) of my images for something good. Goes a lot way towards making the world a better place and, hey, who does not want to do that, right? That plus I get a little new show to tell you about in the heat of the summertime which is always a fun thing as well. I hope you are making the most of your summertime as best you can and hope you get out and find your own little "global kitchen" anyway possible.

Until next time...

PS This from the walk today. I thought this tree looked a bit like falling jacks so I included it. They had some interesting trees out today, some of which looked a bit like Christmas type trees. I think this is some kind of a cedar tree. Pretty and quite possibly local, although a bit blueish in tint. Taken with the Canon 5DS and the 100mm macro lens.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Opportunity Weekend - August 4th, 2018

It's cloudy here today. Who says clouds are a bad thing? I think they look rather nice, especially as set against a vivid blue sky but maybe that's just me? Whatever your view, don't let the clouds obscure you opportunities for this week:
That's a lot of opportunities for you to get after this week. Good luck!

Until next time...