Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Weekend in New England and News of Sorts

Red brick store front of the Old As Adam shop in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with a bicycle
I'm back from my weekend in New England and thought I would share a shot off the flash pile. For this trip, I did some gallery sitting, including an artist talk of sorts and so I didn't do as much shooting as I would have liked. I still managed to take the camera out for a little bit of a walkabout on a couple of days. Portsmouth really is a very photogenic town, I really enjoyed shooting there, even if I did get some of the usual "tourist" type of shots. (Look for my picture of the famed tugboats, which "hide out" in the harbor, if you want to see my personal variant of the tourist shot everyone must take when visiting Portsmouth.) This one is one of the downtown shops, called "Old As Adam" which I thought was very quaint and New England-y so I'm sharing it now. The trip itself was a great catch-up for me, a reunion of sorts, as I got to catch up with some old friends, re-visit with folks from China travels, and generally peek a bit around New Hampshire.

In other news, I found out that Carol's Little World was voted one of the top 100 Photography Blogs by Feedspot. You can check out the list here. Carol's Little World clocks in at 119 on the list. I'm very honored to be among some great photoblogs there, including Scott Kelby and Joe McNally among others. There really are a lot of photoblogs out there, and there are some quality blogs out there as well, so it's a great honor to be among the recommended ones. I hope you get to checkout the list some and maybe find some new photography blogs to follow. Heck, I know I will. When I'm not out in New England hunting bicycles, that is.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Opportunity Weekend - May 25, 2018

Don't sleep in, it's time to get up and get after some great opportunities this weekend. For those of you in US, we are remembering our fallen heroes as part of the longer Memorial Day weekend. While we pause to pay our respects, this also offers up an extra chance for you to get some opportunities so I hope you both make the most of that and remember our heroes as best you can. Some opportunities for you:
That's a bunch of opportunities for you this weekend. I hope you get out of bed and get some.

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Out to Dinner with Friends

Yesterday, a friend and shooting buddy of mine, Tazz Taz, was in town so we decided to meet up for dinner and a catch up. It's really interesting to me when photographers get together, because the conversation always runs to wild things. We talk about places we've been, places we want to go, old times, good times, bad times, new work, and just generally catch up. It's always refreshing for me to go to these sorts of outings too because I really feel like I get a break from the world and get to catch up with good friends. Usually, we go to some great restaurants as well. As they say in some of the trades, we photographers, well, we "clean up well." It was great catching up with Tazz Taz and meeting her photographer friend Vi. We had a great time, the food was great, the memories wonderful, and we decided we would try and travel a bit more in the near future. Tazz Taz was one of the "gimp squad" from our original workshop with the wonderful and talented Elizabeth Opalenik. A few years ago, we decided to leave the confines of Santa Fe and met up in Whidbey Island. Instead of opting for a hotel, we all chipped in and rented a house from one of the web services that do this nowadays. It worked out quite wonderfully, as we ended up with a four bedroom house, right on the water, in the beautiful town of Langley. It was a great call and we really enjoyed our time in the house as well as on the island.

So, we got to talking last night and it came up that I've been itching to go to Oregon in some form or another and Tazz Taz suggested we maybe try the same deal. We could get three or four (or ?) folks together, rent a house, maybe in a place like Astoria, on the coast, and then go shooting together and just catch up. It would be a great way to get some photography in and get out of the hot summer, not to mention explore a new location.

If anybody is interested in joining in on the fun, do please let me know. We're seriously thinking about heading out that way over the summertime if we can manage it. Of course, we talked about some other places. Colorado, Montana, and a few others jump out at us, but the Astoria setup might be an ideal trial run (or second run really, since we went to Whidbey for starters.)

Hit me up if you are so-inclined and we'll see if we can make this happen. As a reminder, I'm going to be headed up the New Hampshire and Maine coast over the next few days so look for some work from up that way (perhaps) and probably news about the show in Dover at the gallery sometime soon. In case you're wondering, yes, this means there will be no opportunity weekend this week but I promise to start that back up as soon as my travel schedule will allow.

Until next time...

PS This one taken outside the Austin restaurant Dai Due, which is a farm to table experience type place. Nice food, fresh, and local over on the east side of town. This shot taken by Vi and then Snapseeded by yours truly. (Thanks, Vi!)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Opportunity Weekend - May 13, 2018

Some old growth and new water for you to get after this weekend. Here are some opportunities for you:
I hope you are out enjoying spring and getting your work out there as well.

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Eight Photographers in China

No, this is not the setup for a funny joke (although, come to think of it, I did have some funny jokes after coming back from China) rather this is the announcement for our upcoming show. The show will feature the work of eight photographers and will be held at the Camera Commons Gallery in Dover, NH. The show is slated to open on May 19th and run through June 30th.

There will be an opening reception and artist panel discussion on May 19th from 1-4 pm. The panel discussion starts at 2pm. The opening will feature Chinese music and food. There is no cost to attend the opening so I hope that, if you're reading this in the great Boston area, you might stop by and have a look at the images on display.

Look for more details on the show here and, yes, this means I'll be traveling up to the New Hampshire/Maine border for the opening festivities. It's back to the granite state for me and I do hope to see you there.

Until next time...