Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soon It Will Be Time

So, I got to thinking the other day. Soon it will be time. Time for what? Well, time for this! Yes, it's true. It's *almost* bluebonnet season yet again. Now, I know what you're thinking, "She's crazy! It's only January!" Ah, but the spring comes upon us quickly, time waits for no man, and all of that good stuff. Sure, right now, there's tons of snow on the ground, it's cold, everybody's got the flu, and everybody is just sick and tired of old man winter. But, someplace quietly lurking, off in the distance the first bud is already starting to think of spring. Of all the things I've learned about nature, about photography, about the sweet cycles of life, one constant holds true. Seasons sneak up on you. Nothing stays the same. There is permanence in change. All of that good stuff indeed-you can choose to ignore it or you can believe it as the most faithful but, like it or not, spring really is just around the corner.

Yesterday, I was in the car and the radio station was taking requests. Since it had been quite gloomy here in River City as of late, the DJ was kind enough to take a request from somebody who called in. The caller wanted to hear "Here Comes the Sun" in honor of old man winter, the eight (or more!) days of gloom and doom we've had seemingly endlessly here in Austin. I managed to listen to at least a few verses of "Here Comes the Sun" on the way home yesterday, despite the gloomy end of day madness. "It's been a long cold lonely winter" indeed, Mr. Harrison, yes it has.

Low and behold, today the sun was out! It was amazing. It felt so nice. The sun?!? Why, Mr. Sunshine, I hardly knew ya! That was a most excellent song selection, the old Beatles ditty was, yes indeed.

Now all of this, of course, makes me want to call into the DJ, the same DJ from yesterday, and request, "Here Comes The Winning Lottery Tickets, a Fully Stocked Pantry, a good looking single guy oh, and while you're at it, I sure could use a couple of one person shows to boot." Think you can hook me up, dear Mr. DJ? (Yes, I know that's a horribly long song title but, hey, a girl's got to dream, right? And, since I'm dreaming, might as well dream big, no?)

Until next time...

This was taken out on the wildflower trail, somewhere in the Texas Hill Country, I think along the highway to Houston, but not 100% sure on that one. Used the poor man's tilt shift on account of the light.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Places I've Been/The Places I'll Go

Been thinking about travel this year. Where have I been? Where do I want to go? Like usual, I've got a few places in mind and, if the past is any indication, who knows what lies ahead? You know, I'm always full of surprises on that front.

Let's see...for starters...there's Europe again. There are a few places in Europe I really want to go see. Barcelona would be nice. Prague would be fun (although I'm not sure about the food there. It might not be up to my usual south Mediterranean fare.) I could always do London. (God, it's been ages since I've been to London. Well, actually, come to think of it, it was only October. But, still, you know, feels like ages since I've shot there...and I need to shoot there again.)

I don't know. There's just something about Europe right now though. It's just not "calling me" like it used to call me. I'm actually starting to think about Asia a bit. Maybe Japan. Or Thailand. Yeah, I so want to go to Bangkok, it's not even funny. I so could see myself doing that this year.

I've also never been to Colorado. I mean, I was there in the past (sort of) but never quite made it out of the airport (so it doesn't count.)

I am on this quest, you see, to make it to all 50 states. I've got a long way to go, stacking up only about half (or so.) I mean, this is not counting any place where I've been only in the airport, train station or bus stop. You know, I had to have gotten out and "walked around" a bit, otherwise it just doesn't count.

Maybe Seattle. Yeah, the Pacific Northwest would be dandy.

How about Michigan? Gosh, this is getting fun. I could see myself in almost any of these places.

So, nobody knows what 2015 will have in store for me in the way of travel, but I can dream, can't I? And, I'd welcome any suggestions in this regard as well. Where do you see me going? Where do you want to go? What kind of pictures should we take when we get there?

Oh, it's fun to dream, isn't it? I believe it was the great philosopher, Dr. Seuss, who once said something along the lines of, "Oh, the places you'll go!" 

Until next time...

PS This image taken in Hawaii at the volcano. Volcanoes National Park, f8 and be there as they say. Sunrise on the creator with a long lens (well, long enough that my feet didn't get too hot!)