Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Went for margaritas and Tex-Mex for lunch today. Yum! Lupe's Cantina had it going on.

Yeah, I or it didn't happen. Here ya go!

Until next time...

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Safe Travels

Blue2000_7955, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
For all of those traveling this holiday season (it's about to be a holiday season here in the US) please stay safe. There is a monster of a storm roaming around the center of the country. If you live along the east coast, please be prepared and stay safe. This thing already has a body count-having taken out at least 8 people in the west so far and it's just getting started, picking up steam, and all of that. Stay safe, please safe travels one and all.

Myself, I'm looking to stay at home and try to organize the studio a bit, try to work on the house, get the studio setup (some more) and do lots of stuff around here. Might take the camera out for some red leaf hunting (it's that time of year again too!) but then again, maybe not. We'll see if I get inspired to get hot and heavy with the old Baby Mark.

Until then, you'll just have to look at a photo from the car show.

Until next time...

Monday, November 25, 2013

Back to the Studio

HummusCelery_1849, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
I must confess...I have always wanted to setup and run a small photography studio. By that I mean setup a couple of lights, maybe a few softboxes, and have a nice setup in my home...a place where I could just go and play. It's always been a quiet goal of mine. I love, love, love, studio photography and have so many ideas of what I could shoot if only I had the setup available to me.

Now, I know you can rent such places but renting is not quite the same. I don't want to trek all across town, have to deal with somebody else's lights, a pocket wizard that isn't quite right for my camera, yada yada. No, my dream, if you will, is to have a sort of quiet little private studio space all setup in my home. In a spare bedroom, setup a small lighting rig and a small studio so that I could just go in there and play. I want to play around. I want to be able to leave it setup. I'd love to be able to buy a vase of flowers, leave it setup for a week or so, go in and shoot it again and again and again. Just, you know, just have fun with it.

All this work on my house and not blogging? Well, I'm finally working towards making this dream a reality. I've cleared out a room in my home. I've installed some shelving. I got a new chair. I have a setup. I'm getting some props and fabric and all. I've started taking courses on lighting to find out what's new and what I can use for my ideal, dream setup. I'm starting to make this happen. And, once it does...once it's all down and good, why, I'll be able to do more shots like this. I'll be able to do some of the studio work I've only been thinking about until now. And it will be all like "Carol's Little Playground" that's for sure.

I can hardly wait. I know I've been quiet and I know you're probably all wondering "Where the #$%^ is Carol these days?" but, I have to tell you, she's coming back. She'll be doing more stuff, fun stuff, stuff she wants to do starting really soon now. And, believe me, it's going to be so much fun, you won't want to miss it.

I guess this is the long-winded version of "stay tuned" but I can't help myself. I want to finally get my little home (read: dream) studio setup and going. Now is the time. The time is right and I'm finally ready, willing, and able to do it.

I promise, you won't want to miss it once I get it going and all. I plan to have a blast and, the best part? That means you can come along for the ride!

Until next time...

Monday, November 18, 2013


ChickenSaladSandy_1853, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
Today's post: more food photography coming your way. Good eats = good shots, eh?

More Food For Thought

ChickenSaladSandy_1853, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
Hey, that's a great title, isn't it? Too bad I don't have a fantastic blog post to go with it!

Funny enough, I'm just checking in, since I've been busy and have not had much time to post. I've actually been working on my house a bit, trying to get the studio in order, trying to do a bunch of stuff before Thanksgiving. My plans are, for the rest of the year actually, to try and clean up, clear out, and gear up for January, when I will start shooting some major projects again. I've got some plans and I want to get everything setup and ready to go so that I can just bang it come the new year. I know everybody always says that...everybody always has New Year's Resolutions and all...everybody always turns over a new leaf come the new year and whatnot, but that's what I've actually been planning for a while now. Trying to get the house in order, get everything setup, so I can just rock it.

The new shelves have come and were installed. Yay! I still have some tweaking to do in there, then I will fill, fill, fill them up. I got a new chair for that room too, and that's already in place. Waiting on a desk lamp and a chair for my front room, my "main" Photoshopping desk area. I ordered a super fancy "Stressless" chair from Norway (yes, they come on wheels!) for that room, in custom leather. It's actually going to be custom made and get shipped in from Norway just for me. Wow! Yeowza on that one, eh? (I feel so special.) Of course, this means I have to shovel out that room before it actually gets here and all of that. Been making progress on this front some but have *a lot* to do still. All that and then there's the garage. (There's always the garage. Ah, *sigh* the garage. Somebody, please save me from the dreaded garage?!?)

Shovel, shovel, shovel. Someday this too will be done.

Until then, why, here's more photography of food stuffs. Looks yummy doesn't it? (Well, heck, it beats the garage but then again *anything* beats the garage!)

Until next time...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Food Photography

Pears_1806, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
Went to a workshop today at my local camera store on food photography. I have to say I loved it! Had so much fun. Got to play around with some pears, some iced tea, some dip and some mushrooms. Wow! Who would have even thought of photographing mushrooms? But they look beautiful! Amazing how things can look with just some studio lighting and a little attention to them.

I met a chef too. I didn't have the heart to tell her I can't cook worth a lick. Doesn't matter though, as I am more than willing to eat up some mistakes.

I love the browns in these type of images. I love the brown, brown, brown, warm, warm, warm look. Makes me feel right at home, even if this place doesn't really even exist. Only in my dreams, right? (Heck, in my dreams I can cook well too!)

This one taken with continuous lighting, two lights one back and one side with barn doors (no softbox!) Used the Canon with the Canon lens too.

Until next time...

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Spring Ahead, Fall Back

Some Halloween candy left after the big day. We lucked out and had some nice weather for my trick or tweeting. Sadly, now it appears to be Christmas time, without the benefit of Thanksgiving.

Had a busy day today-did some shopping and running around so tired now. Looking forward to an extra hour of sleep!

Until next time...

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Friday, November 01, 2013

More Manic Mannequins

Manic mannequins in a shop window, Salado, Texas.
Mannequins_1732, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
These are the mannequins from a recent trip to Salado, Texas. I've always had this theory about mannequins, about how they reflect the general area where they reside...about how they differ everywhere you go and yet, somehow, they are the same. I guess we're all the same on the inside, right? The mannequins? Ah, maybe not so much.

Many of the small towns in the area have the sorts of mannequins that were antique and hand-painted years ago. This was because they could not afford to purchase expensive mannequins from "the big city" (of sorts) so, instead, they made due with what they had. They fashioned their very own mannequins using materials they might have had on hand. Nowadays? I suppose mannequins are made in China. I guess that's no big loss, really, I mean, it's not like we were married to our mannequins or anything like that. Still though, they are now left as these sorts of ghosts, remnants of a bygone era (of sorts.) I mean, I can't imagine anybody hand-painting a mannequin these days. Heck, they probably can get them cheaper off of EBay (or some such place.) Come to think of it, I bet Etsy has some bad-ass mannequins. (Maybe if I'm bored one day, why, I'll have to go and check this out.)

I thought these ladies kind of cute in their shop window-y kind of a way. They have their baubles on display in full and even have the sort of manic type faces you've grown to expect from, well, manic mannequins.

These are the mannequins of Salado, Texas. I hope you like them.

Until next time...