Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cool Old Mustang

While out for lunch today, I happened upon a cool old Mustang. Was not a fast back but I've always liked the notch back ones anyway. Sweetly restored in a lovely shade of blue-green. Don't know why, but I've always loved 60's era mustangs.

Until next time...

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Lin Floyd said...

ha ha I thought you saw this in Iceland but it was Texas!

Peruby said...

I inherited the passion of mustangs from a favorite brother.

mythopolis said...

I remember as a youth when the Mustang first emerged. They are the paint job on this one, although its not a stock color for the time.

Carol said...

Lin, nope, not Iceland. It's Texas-west Austin in fact.

Peruby, I love them. I think that maybe everybody who loves old mustangs has somebody in their past who drove one. Maybe? Don't know. But, I'll have to blog about my "person who drove a mustang" at some point.

Mythopolis, the Hipsta does strange things. It might be an original paint job at one point but my iPhone had other plans for it. :~) Either that or it was restored somehow and now is different. It was sort of a aqua-ish color "in real life."

Gotta love the old mustangs. They were *classic*