Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Houses and a Popular Destination

HotelWhiteNo2_3339, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
Today I set out from Iceland to what is perhaps the word's most popular destination: HOME. Yes, you read it right, I'm going home. I've booked the last flight to JFK on Iceland Air, headed out today, which will take me (eventually) to Austin and points home. I hope to sleep in my own bed tonight, even if it means that I don't get in until 3 am to do it.

Yesterday was brutal shooting. Lots of rain in the city, but I managed to run one 16 G and another half a card doing more of these blurry style buildings. I hope to have enough of these that I can collect them, finish editing, and then maybe do a show of them or something. I haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do with them yet, but I'm sure it will be something fun. I am thinking about glazing and maybe printing them in an unusual way. Stay tuned for more information about that to follow.

Yesterday was brutal on account of the rain. It's almost harder to shoot in the rain then the snow or cold weather. Everything gets wet, wet, wet. I was wet, my camera was wet, everything was covered. I kept seeking shelter in doorways, alcoves, and other little 'hidden" spots around the city. It's hard shooting in the rain, though let me tell you.

The camera that I use to make these shots is not waterproof. I have a waterproof camera and also a camera poncho but those don't really work with the little camera I am using to do this kind of work. So, I go it on my own.

I have to dry off the lens frequently, and the controls. I'm more afraid of the controls getting wet, for that would blow the entire camera. I do my best to try and keep the little buttons on the top of the camera dry, but it's hard. The rain falls down heavy at times and I'm ducking, hiding the little camera under my coat, trying to dry off the lens and keep the buttons out of harm's way.

I started calling this a "Viking Torture" yesterday. Sometimes, it seems like, whenever I got in front of a beautiful house, one that I wanted to photograph, with a red door or some such thing, they skies would open up and drench me. Maybe this is God's way of telling me I need to shoot something else? Maybe this really is some kind of Viking torture? I don't know. I do know it was a brutal shoot-that card and a half (24G) of flash memory came hard for me. But, as expected, there are some good shots in there. Shooting in the rain, while it's really hard, always makes for interesting photos. Really beautiful light, great colors, but man is it hard on us and our gear. Poncho be damned, there's not really a great way to keep dry, no matter how you slice it.

Check out time at hotel is noon, so I'll be leaving soon. I have to say I'm going to miss this place. I really like it here. I know I can say this about Iceland: I will be back. My photographic work here is far from done. This is just the beginning of my visit to a beautiful location in which to work.

For now though, my trip has come to an end. I'm going off the grid now, I'll see you back in the 'States, where the laundry and post processing begins.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Viking Blue

VikingGrafitti_0108, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
This is some additional Viking blue. I'm checking in with the Internet now before headed out for another half day of shooting around downtown Reykjavik.

I love the colors here. I love the colors and the light and the people and the stories the people tell. It reminds me how it's great to be a human, to be a small part of a larger people. It connects me in ways that words fail to describe. I wish everybody would get to experience Iceland in some small way. But, you know, the Viking's were not big on "small" they were more of a "go big or go home" type of folk.

Looking forward to doing more downtown interesting walls, doors, windows, small brightly colored houses in downtown Reykjavik today.

Yesterday was filled with shooting the Opera house. That place is incredible. It's like a Viking dance with light, color, shape, and form. Could get a million pictures sitting there, just moving ever so slightly one way or another. It's great shooting that, I'm going to miss that place when I go.

Today, I'm going to try to do some nice downtown shots. Little houses like I always do. Sort of like barns like Walker Evans only, hey it's me doing them. And some writing on the wall, like this shot. Wish me luck in finding some of that.

I've got tons more of the iceberg photos to show you and lots more of the little houses downtown, but mostly it will have to wait until I'm done shooting.

Oh, and tonight? Tonight I'm invited for dinner. Going to get a bit drunk and enjoy my last day here. Tomorrow, I leave for New York, points in the 'States, and back to Texas but, I tell you, I'm going to miss this place.

I'm going to miss Viking blue. I sure am.

Until next time...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Titanic Anyone?

Iceberg_2924, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
Since I'm stuck in Reyko, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about some of the things you can do when your travel plans get Titanic-ed.

You can:
1. Upload images-yeah, that always works.
2. Try to do more shooting-if you can.
3. Sleep a lot.
4. Eat a lot.
5. Drink a lot.
6. Watch foreign movies on TV
7. Plot an untimely death for the stupid free roaming travel gnome they show us on all of the TV commercials for the happy travelers who do not get stuck.
8. Flirt with hotel staff-telling dirty jokes usually helps here unless, of course, they don't speak any English. Then you just look like some stupid foreign tourist who laughs a lot.
9. Play on the Internets. Facebook works great for this.
10. Declare war on tourists from other countries. You already know about my run-in with the boat loads of Japanese tourists here, what you might not know is that I've somehow managed to convince them forks are properly used to pick one's nose or sometimes for eating potatoes but only if you first apply copious amounts of Tabasco sauce first.

Hey, it's a new sport. Somebody had to invent it, right?

PS Here's an iceberg for you to enjoy while I'm stranded at the top of the world.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Irene, Goodnight Carol

OperaHouse_3272, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
So I guess there is a hurricane in New York City. In case you have not heard the news, New York is on some kind of mandatory shutdown, with high winds, tornado warnings, and the like. I hope all of my New York friends and family are all doing well, batten down those hatches, gear up and survive, folks, we count on you in times like these.

As for myself, I'm in Iceland. Original plans called for me to go downtown again, but it's kind of raining and appears to be cold outside, not to mention we're still working out revised travel plans and all kinds of logistics, so I might wind up staying around the hotel today.

It's very nice to be back at the Grand Hotel here. It's a wonderful hotel and I really like it. Feels like home and that's really hard to do when your continents, climate regions, and time zones away from home but, I guess, they work that magic somehow.

If we do get outside again (not saying we will mind you, just that we might. Yeah, I know it's hard to keep up with a fast-moving pack of photographers. Do please try, as we usually serve cocktails at the end of this carnival ride) we just might wind up at this place. It's a wonderful location to shoot and, frankly, it would be nice to shoot it again, this time without all of the people.

I do like doing these sort of cloud people, so I actually didn't mind the mobs of masses moving through my shots when I was there last time. It might be kind of nice to shoot it again, this time without any people at all. We'll see if I can make it happen.

Right now, we're more in the mood for staying around hotel and lounging. Catching up on sleep, uploading one of the many cards of spent compact flash and maybe taking a nap. We're allowed to nap too, right? Hey, you wouldn't know it from this trip but sleep is very under-rated these days. I like to get it every now and again just so I can pretend to dream, well, when I'm not doing that with a camera stuck to the front of my forehead.

I've charged the batteries just in case the rain lets up and I manage to muster up a burst of energy to get me from here to downtown, long enough to shoot the new opera house on the lagoon.

I could really use some additional little blurry houses too but I did already get some of those-promise to upload as soon as I can.

Right now, New York feels like light years away and I just want to be here now, enjoying a restful Sunday in the hotel relaxing. Yeah, I'm in a sleepy Sunday afternoon kind of a mood. If I had to call it, I'd say I was *really* missing the Sunday comics and a nice cup of tea right about now. That would so do the trick in more ways the one (the laptop is the next best substitute.)

I hope you're enjoying the Sunday funnies wherever you might roam. Hurricane be damned, please have a relaxing Sunday if you can.

Until next time...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Remnants of Downtown

HotelWhiteNo2_3339, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

This is a lensbaby shot taken in downtown, before I left for the north country and highlands of Iceland.

On Monday, I hopped a flight up to the north and started making my way down the ring road in Iceland using a specialized (modified) truck that's designed for off road use. It's capable of driving through high waters and over heavy terrain, which is a good thing because we've hit the glaciers and ice walking earlier today. Last night, I went up the ice lagoons by boat and was able to shoot from the boat. It was a typical "spray and pray" type of shoot, with so much moving by I had to shoot in what I dubbed "Carol burst mode" or basically shoot until my arms got tired and my trigger finger cramped up. We borked a couple of cameras on account of the water and everybody's been trading wet boots around but, all in all, I think we've survived mostly intact. Lots of shots, blew at least two 16 gig cards on the boat alone and that's not counting iPhone, infrared, lensbaby camera and the like. It's been nothing but traveling, eating, sleeping (when we can) and shooting all the way.

I'm in the highlands of Iceland now, making my way back to Reyko on Saturday (hopefully.) Tomorrow, we're watching the weather and might head up to highlands again or maybe hit another glacier if we can get good light. This evening we chased sunlight and lost, making it up to a waterfall with lights in the sky but not quite before sunset. Travel is like that though, you never know if you can beat the sun or how you're going to do it. I wound up using "sticks" (tripod) and shot the falls in the evening glow of early twilight. Still worked out ok, although I think the falls are more "postcard-y" type shots. I've managed to do some unusual stuff, coming off the Lensbaby action in Reyko and hitting up some infrared in the country side, not to mention the beautiful abstracts at the geothermal mud pits and the lava rocks.

All in all, not a bad trip. Shooting tons, never getting to upload, great folks, nice travels and no sleep. That's what photo trips are made of, right?

I'm really loving the "baby mark" (Canon 5D Mark II.) It's an awesome rig. I've got a super light set of sticks, a Slik trigger head, and the baby mark as a "big girl" camera. Also packed in the bag are the T2i, used for color lensbaby and infrared converted trusty little Rebel XT that takes great little shots in pink (infrared converted camera.)

Supposed to be some kind of hurricane hitting up NYC just as I blow through so we'll see if I can make it back to the 'States before the winds come a blowin'. As they say, at least the bars in NY are fun, right?

I've got to head off and start uploading CF cards and check out some shots before we hit the trails in the morning.

Keep shootin' as you know I will, with promises to upload more as I can. We're back to civilization now, with Internet access again, although it's very spotty around the countryside. Tomorrow, we head off the trail with driver Siggie in the heavy duty off road vehicle, to hit some hidden spots up in the highlands, weather and good light permitting. Wish us good light for we are going to need it. Today was a bit blasted out in spots but overall pretty good, hoping for more of the same tomorrow. *Fingers crossed* there's good light for all, right?

Hey, here's hoping (and shootin'!)

Until next time...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iceland is for the BIRDS

BirdsFeeding_0036, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Yes, you read it here first-there are birds in downtown Reykjavik. There's this one spot where they feed the birds (throw bread to them) and you can sit and bird watch. I find this mildly addictive. Tonight, instead of waiting in the queue for the bus, I opted instead to sit on the park bench and watch the birds feeding. It's great.

Park benches are so underrated these days. Everybody has so many things to do, places to see, people to meet-nobody stops to rest and feed the birds anymore. Luckily, they do this in Iceland. And, for those of you following along, something tells me this is not the last of the bird shots from Iceland (there's a big hint for you!) So please check back if you're so inclined.

Today was spent walking, walking, walking. I went to the incredible church in the middle of town and shot some pictures of that, and then went walking the streets of downtown.

It was Icelandic Culture Day which is a big annual event here. They are going to have fireworks at sunset (11 pm for those curious) and they had all kinds of street vendors, performers, and the like.

As I walked around, I tried to catch some of the music. I heard a local band butcher Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" (what is it about that song the attracts so many bands who don't really speak English?) and an INCREDIBLE blues band. The blues band was really good-I found myself having to stop and listen to at least 3 songs. They did "Sill Got the Blues for You" and a country tinged "Me and Bobby McGee." They were really very good. I also heard another band that were native English speakers perform some self-penned work which was quite nice.

I toured the opera house which is beautiful and got some grab and go food (which was not, but it wasn't too bad.) I got lost around the residential parts of town and found myself doing a lot of lensbabes of the traditional brightly colored houses (look for some of those to follow.) The bus was free today, so I would up taking transport more local tuned as well.

At the opera house, as I was walking out, I noticed an array of old Cadillac cars lined up on the side, sort of like a mini Icelandic car show. It was wild to see so many old Caddys in one place-they even had a bunch with the big fins on the pack. It was wild. I had to take a picture and then, after I did, the owner tried to start his car. Of course, being fine American craftsmanship, the engine didn't turn. I just laughed and said aloud, "Ha! That's American quality for you!" before slipping off to head back into town.

All in all, another great day in Reykjavik. It actually started to get cool in the late afternoon/early evening and I found myself HAVING TO WEAR A JACKET IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST. Wow! What else can I say about that? When it's a balmy 62 a light jacket is not such a bad idea. Ok, queen flake has not thrown any snowballs just let but, heck, it's only Sunday. There's still time for that, right?

Haven't uploaded any shots from today, just chimped in camera, since I had such a long day.

Oh, and the Japanese tourists? One of them practically knocked me over in the breakfast queue to get to the pineapple. I guess they know how to eat that, eh? At least they weren't forced to yet again ponder the complexities of bread while learning how to use genuine silverware.

Pineapple for your thoughts?

Until next time...

Downtown Reykjavik

Scandanivian architecture demonstrated in downtown Reykjavik in this modern metal and glass building
LinearBldg_3228, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
Greetings from downtown Reykjavik! Today is Icelandic Culture Day in Reykjavik and it's also about time for the start of the Reykjavik annual runner's marathon. As part of the cultural events, they are going to have a lot of art and fairs on the streets as well as fireworks over the harbor in the evening. (I'm told they love fireworks here in Iceland. Probably reminds them of the northern lights.)

I've met up with some of the other photographers from the previous workshop (Arthur Meyerson is doing a workshop ending today while mine is starting, officially, tomorrow.) They all seem to say the same thing, "Fantastic place for taking pictures!" I've also met Einar this morning by chance, sitting in the lobby with the pack of photographers.

I went downtown after dinner yesterday and walked around the central part of Reykjavik. I have to say it's a wonderful city, I'm really enjoying it. It's both modern and very Scandi at the same time. The brightly colored houses intermingle with the clean modern lines of the newer buildings quite well. It's a lovely city and I really enjoy my stay. Honestly, I could photograph an entire week just in Reykjavik and never grow tired of the scenery.

I wanted to post this image because it shows the modern architecture in the downtown area. At some point, I'll post an older, more traditional building, so you can see what that is like too.

Another note about this image. It was taken with my new lensbaby lens. I got one of the new glass optic systems that has aperture controls (apologies for those non-photographers out there-this part might get a bit dull) so now I can better control my lensbaby. Of course, that's a bit like a race car driving saying, "I was going 200 miles an hour when I hit the wall, but it was a *controlled skid*" Um, yeah, right. Lensbabies are what they are.

This is shot number 3228 featuring the linear lines of a modern building in downtown Reykjavik. Taken with a new lensbaby lens on a Canon Rebel T2i camera.

More shots, including some off of the new Canon 5D Mark II camera to follow.

Until next time...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Greetings from Iceland

Hey Snowflakes!

No pics yet (sorry about that) but I just wanted to pop in and send warm wishes/greetings from Iceland. I'm sitting in the lobby of the Grand Hotel enjoying the Internet for a few minutes before catching an early dinner and then maybe taking an evening stroll for some pictures.

So far, the trip has been an adventure, but it's all good. That's how these things go, right?

I arrived at airport two hours early on account of the fact that they dictated all international travel requires you sit there for two hours before boarding. Well, the airport in Austin is not open at 5 am so I had to sit around and wait for the airport to open. No biggie, I just took a nap and rested.

Then I went to check my bag and the lady behind the counter said, "Rey-ka-what?" She had never heard of Reykjavik. When I told her it was the capitol of Iceland, she asked me, "Is that in the United States?" Ho boy! We're having fun now.

Next stop: JFK. While I love NY, I have grown to HATE the airports there, especially JFK. It's a zoo, let me just get that out upfront. I landed in the JetBlue terminal which is very pretty but it's like a blue circus. They have the "Blue Bar" this and the "JetBlue" that. Everything is BLUE and everything is geared towards sucking money out of your wallet by charging you too much for something you would not otherwise buy (I guess they are following the Apple business model, only substituting "blue" for "white" or some such thing.) Eh, no worries about the blue stuff but I could not find the exit doors to this blue circus. I finally had to ask some security guard. "Excuse me, sir," I asked, "how do I get out of this BLUE CIRCUS I appear to be trapped in?" He told me that, "his wife didn't believe him when he told her they painted everything blue." (I was like, "oh yeah! They really did BLUE up the joint!") Then he told me I had to go through some little door, down a dark alleyway off to my other terminal. Oh boy, we're really having fun now.

Of course this dark alley lead to more security and that was a joy. First the DHS guy told me he'd never seen a boarding pass that looked quite like mine (!) then they pulled my camera bag off the rollers for "having too many electronic devices" in it. I didn't even know they checked for that. No worries though, I just let them hand inspect it. Luckily, I had a nice lady and I chatted with her, telling her about my trip and all. She gave me the "bomb swab" thing with the pads and poked around a bit before letting me go. I had told her, "I think I'm carrying every camera Canon makes. Oh, and here's a Fuji just in case the brand lets me down." She laughed at my extreme toy excess and let me go.

Iceland Air shares a terminal with British Air so it was kind of fun being in there for a while. Oddly enough they had two restaurants that both appeared to sever: Mexican food! (?) Go figure. One was more like a chi chi type of joint, withe fireplaces and such and the other was a "beach like" joint with surf boards (because, hey, we all know how famous Mexicans are for their love of....surfing? Right. Another taco please!) Against my better judgment I opted for the "Mexican surf shack" joint and had a really nice Hawaiian (don't try to keep up, it's just confusing at this point) passion fruit margarita, which was TASTY and a chicken dish. I didn't think I was even hungry until they brought the food out but then I scarfed it all down so it was all good. If given a choice between the chi chi place and the surf shack, I'd have to almost always advice, go with the surf shack, they probably have better drinks.

Boat drinks aside, the terminal had high back chairs and all kinds of punchy colored seating. Very Scandi in design, I felt like I was there already (almost!) Well, with only the 5 hour flight to go.

I got on the plane and found out I had a seat in the VERY LAST ROW. Ho boy, number two as, not only did I have a seat in the last row but somebody was already sitting in it. We sorted it out and I moved over a row and wound up sharing a wonderful flight with a very nice lady from the south of Utah going to Iceland to visit her family heritage sites. She's a blogger too so I hope to catch up in Internet land once I'm back to a desktop and not stealing wifi from a hotel lobby across foreign continents. Free Bandwidth! Yes, that's the cries of the London looters, they just appear to be using baseball bats and grabbing TV sets on the side. You know it, babe, it's all about the bit streams.

Anyway, back to the trip, the flight was fine. Not too bumpy, I did manage to sleep a little bit. They handed out this menu for snacks and food but I wasn't hungry (thanks to the surf shack in JFK) so I managed to fend off the desire to chow down some airline food. We flew up over Boston and then out of Goose Bay which, I was told, is part of Labrador. Love the dogs, but never been on the ground up that way. No worries, we were flying high and over it all. We hit Greenland and got to see it from above just as they were serving us some orange juice. That was quite fun, we had juice over Greenland and got to see some of the jutting dark peaks and snow capped mountains of it all from the comforts of seat 34 on Iceland Air flight 612 from JFK to Reykjovik. Nice! I finally broke down and got some chocolate cake too.

Arrival at airport was exciting. We'd seen the sun setting (basically. If you could call it that. We're so far north, it takes about an hour to get down up here) and made the airport terminal in the dark after 11 pm. The sun had just set and, when I got out of the plane, I could see my breath in the air. That was a shocker, as I was prepared for it being cold, but had forgotten how your windpipes do that in the cold. Note to self: exhale produces cloud. Film at 11. (ok, maybe no film yet, but I did get the video camera charged up. Does that count?)

My luggage got lost (stuck in JFK) so I had to fill out extra paperwork and didn't make it to hotel until about 2 or 3 am. The airlines gave me some kind of "overnight pouch" which has a T-shirt, some toothpaste and the like in it. I'll have to photograph what's left of it at some point so you can see too. Luggage was at hotel this morning so it worked out all good. Actually, shhh! Don't tell Iceland Air but it's very convenient if they loose your luggage at 3 am and deliver it the next day at 9 am since that means you don't have to carry it though the airport parking lot. Lucky me! I mean, um, shame on them for losing my luggage like that. (Yeah, right!)

I was so tired upon arrival, I slept until noon. It's about 6 pm now and I'm finally waking up and coming back to life.

The room itself is lovely. It's go two double beds, mini bar, flat screen, etc. (what you'd expect I'd guess) but I have a balcony that I can walk out and enjoy, plus there's a VIEW. Oh man! There are lovely mountains just outside my hotel room. For those of you from Texas, not to worry. Mountains are these big things that occur sometimes in nature, they're just really a bit like lumps of earth piled up high and stuff. Eh, I'll have to explain more (and provide photos!) when I get back.

Brings me up to today. I got the laptop converted to 220 Europlugs but we don't have Internets in the room or electrics in the lobby so I'm typing fast and hoping the battery doesn't wind itself down. I unpacked all of the camera gear and packed a small walking bag. Might grab a quick dinner and then head out for an evening walk to take some shots of the city before the sun....oh wait!

I keep thinking that, because I'm so far north, the suns going down at like 4 pm. It's not. That star don't set until near 11 pm so I can actually hit up dinner and then squeeze in a FEW HOURS of shooting. Yeowza. Being so close to the top of the world does have it's advantages, not to mention I love the dotted colored roofs on the houses I can see from my hotel room balcony.

Yeah, so far anyway, life is good.

I hope you are all doing well and I promise pictures to follow.

Until next ICELAND this time....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sunrise over ATX

Sorry about the crooked horizon but this is what morning looks like in ATX today. Good dawn = good day. Next stop? My hometown, NYC via JFK.

Until next time...

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Monday, August 15, 2011

I Need Some Zen

HappyBudda_1644, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

About this point in my life, I need a little ZEN. What do I mean by that? Well, when everything's crazy, a little ZEN goes a long way.

The alarm in my house is going off at odd times. I've got mountains of laundry and unpacked boxes to sort out. I've got places to go and people to meet. Yeah, all of that, but I also need a little ZEN. A quiet moment with some green tea and a break.

Did you ever feel that way?

Photographers can photograph ZEN quite easily. You know these images. They are the quiet images, the solace, the minimal images. They are the images that give us comfort. Sort of the macaroni and cheese of the image world, these images never really go out of style. Somebody, somewhere always seems to need some kind of ZEN...Michael know what I'm talking about here. Images of Buddha. Images of peaceful places. Quiet, empty spaces for those times when you've had enough dealings with society.

As a photographer, you should try to shoot some ZEN. Leave some space in an image every once in a while. Shoot spiritual things. Shoot calming, soothing things. Look for metaphors. Help make people relax. I'm starting to think that each and every photographer would do well with a ZEN series, even if it's only a small series featuring a few images. The world can be an ugly place and needs more ZEN to balance things out.

Right about now, I'd take a picture of my bed if I could. Have you ever felt that way? Heck, I know, from time to time, I do.

ZEN. It's so under-rated these days. I think you should try it. I know I'm going to try it myself.

Until next time...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Boxes, lots and lots of Boxes

, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Even though it's like 108 degrees outside (in the shade!) it feels like Christmas around here these days. I've got tons of boxes, stacked high everywhere, as my new rig is getting assembled.

It's going to be complicated setting up a new rig. I've got my work cut out for me. I've got a lot to do actually. I never feel comfortable with new cameras, I like them broken in, but I'll have to make do with what I have and hope for the best. The only way to "break in" a new camera is to just go ahead and jump right in to use it, so that's just what I'll be doing.

I'm still trying to decide which cameras to bring with me and what to do about packing for my next trip. I might wind up running over to Precision Camera and video this week to get, you guess it, another new camera. I want a point and shoot, perhaps one that is waterproof or shock proof, to take with me too.

If all of this planning we're enough, I'm actually thinking about my next trip too. I'm thinking it might be nice to slip away to Vegas sometime towards the end of the year. If I am allowed to "dream aloud" I would say that I'd actually like it if I could go to Vegas sometime between Christmas and New Years, even if only for a few days. Returning on New Year's Eve might be kind of fun, since I hear New Year's Eve in Vegas is expensive (but fun too.) I don't know, I'm still working that out and it may not come to pass.

Anyway, back to the boxes. Wish me luck and happy unpacking (and, I guess, packing too.)

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Somebody is going to the Vet Today

MrCByTheGate, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Oh sure, he's happy now, but he's going to have to go to the vet's office soon enough. For shots even. Oh poor baby!

Sunday, August 07, 2011


PinkSkyOverWhiteSands, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I'm in the mood for some desolation.

I've been thinking about doing a photo project centered around the theme of "desolation" for a while now. You know what I'm talking about there. Desolate landscapes, isolated places, oblivion here on earth. That sort of a thing.

I don't know what my strange fascination with this desolation theme really is. I guess it's something I have to explore some more, but it's really making me want to go out into the middle of nowhere, just with me and a cameras (even a film camera, mind you) and shoot, shoot, shoot.

Maybe it's too many insurance forms and model releases and not enough shooting? Maybe I'm just crazy from the heat? Maybe I just want to get away? I don't know about that, but I do know that I want to get desolate. Out in the open somewhere. Isolated a bit. Away from it all.

Do you ever feel like you want to get away from it all? Even for a little bit? Heck, I know I do. And, I'd guess, I'm feeling that way now too. Now, I'm not usually an anti-social kind of a person. I do like company, for the most part. Just every now and again, I don't know, I just feel like I want to get away from it all. Does that make me a bad person? Or maybe just somebody in need of some quiet contemplation once in a while? (I'd like to think the later, and hope it's not the former.)

I've been quiet here too lately, I know that. I'm sorry I have not been posting, and twittering, and facebooking and all of that as much as I usually do. I'll try to get back to doing some of that, I don't know, maybe later on in the week, once I feel like things have settled down a bit. Maybe once I've had some quiet time and some tea to collect my nerves.

Stay tuned. I promise, I have some fun things to tell you about.

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Iceland Cometh

It's one hundred and freaking five degrees here now and what am I thinking about? Mittens. I need mittens, fingerless gloves really and crampons for my trip to Iceland. Is that freaked in the head or what? Hottest day of the year and I'm buying gloves! Talk about crazy from the heat.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Show Me Your Teeth-It's Shark Week

PaintedShark, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

It's that time of year again. It's the time of year when people seeking shelter from the blasting hot mid-day sun by dipping their toes into the ocean give pause. It's the time of year when people taking high dives off diving boards into cool crisp swimming pools suddenly stop and question what they are doing. It's the time of year when children wading in kiddie pools suddenly rise up, start crying, and run for the back porch. It's the time of year when people staring at an otherwise harmless glass of water on their desk hesitate before taking that big gulp.

It's shark week.

Shark week is both a wild fantasy and a harsh reality for many of us. I mean, sure we know sharks are out there, we know they have great big teeth and all, and we know they'd just love to have us for lunch (it's that whole "top of the food chain" bit and all) but, still, we tend to forget. We tend to forget, tend to put this out of our minds, keep it away from our busy heads, and just ignore that fact. Hey, we've got cooler, more fun things to do-things like surf, swim, snorkel. Sure, I mean, everybody *knows* there's sharks out there, right? But, like that doesn't mean we have to live in fear of them, do we? Do we? (You afraid? 'Cause I'm not. Really. Well, not unless you keep reminding me by playing that theme from Jaws over and over again while pointing at the big giant teeth. Ok, yeah, so maybe I am afraid. Maybe just a *little* bit afraid. Something wrong with that? Isn't everybody at least a little bit afraid of sharks? Come on, admit it. I know you are.)

The musical theme for this year's Shark Week is "Show Me Your Teeth" by Lady Gaga. Now, I really don't know which is scarier-the big giant sharks with biting teeth or the fact that Lady Gaga is somehow now associated with Shark Week. There's a whole new set of nightmares waiting for that to happen now, isn't there? It's kind of like Tim Burton doing a special version of Hell for the Broadway stage. This is like death meets destruction. This is like Hell meets high water, this is like, well, Lady Gaga and Sharks. Yipes!

Ok, so that now we've established that the world is full of nothing but BIG sharks with BIG teeth that are all just suddenly out to get me, what more can I say? I think I need to switch to de-caf and totally stop drinking unflavored water. That glass of water sitting on my desk, waiting, just daring me to take a sip now? Yeah, that's so *not* going to happen, ok? I'm not even going to touch that thing, not even with a 10 foot pole. (Did you see that? Did it just like move a little bit? Is that water like flowing in the glass somehow? Like something's going to rise up out of it. Yeah, right, I'm so drinking booze on for the rest of the week-as far as I know, sharks don't much care for swimming in Bourbon and Coke, ok? And I can only hope that, in my soon to be drunken stupor, I don't come across any Lady Gaga on the radio. That would *so* not be too nice right about now.)

Hey, it's shark week. What did you expect?

Until next time...