Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Juried Show - Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what happens when you enter a juried show? Maybe you've wanted to enter a juried show but have been a bit tentative about submitting your work? Has fear of rejection or maybe just fear of the unknown set in? Are you feeling not quite ready to take that next step?

Last week, I participated in a 24-hour marathon for charity, the culmination of which will be, you guessed it, a juried show. The event is called "LONG SHOT" and it's to be held in downtown Seattle in July at the Photo Center NW. Since I'm guaranteed one piece in the show, I thought it would be best to share with you the juror's results and show a peek behind the curtain of the process.

The rules for this charity show were simple. I was to shoot my images over a specified 24 hour period. Then, after a short amount of time allocated for editing, I submitted a CD containing 10 images, 10 possible candidates for the juried show. (These were basically my 10 best candidates, as selected by me, much in the same way you would select your best pieces when entering your own work for consideration in a show.) After about a week or so, the juror will email me the selected image, which I will then print, matte, frame and send off to be included in the show. )

For my submission, since I had 10 images to play with, I decided to do two different series of work. One is more "straight" photography-these are part of the series I've been doing at the water gardens over the course of the last few years. I shot some new work for this series, which consists of mostly botanical, plants, fish, all shot with a 100 macro lens although not all macro images. These images highlight the natural beauty of the water gardens and they are more "traditionally" or "pretty" (if you want to be polite) images, like ones you might see on a greeting card.

The second series is a bit more artistic. I started it gradually and it evolved as part of the marathon. I'm shooting what I like to call "Suburban Pinhole" (although the name will probably change as the project evolves yet again.) These are pinhole images shot in suburban settings-actually the setting is my own neighborhood. The idea behind the series is to showcase the suburbs, a place where all of the houses are "equal" as sort of "blobs of blur." Since most suburban houses are the typical 3 or 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage bit, I wanted to showcase these as abstractions. So I've opted to include 5 images on my CD (submitted to the juror) from the "Suburban Pinhole" series.

That's 5 images water gardens and 5 images "Suburban Pinhole." Which series do you think will get selected? Which image do you think will be included? If you had to pick one out of the 10, which image would you pick? What do you think the juror is going to pick? Why?

It's interesting to think about these things because, as I know is always the case, the juror is probably going to pick work that either matches what he or she likes, or work that goes with the other work people are submitting. When they "pull together a show" they actually, well, "pull together" a show and that means making a dialogue between the pieces or, in the very least, selecting pieces that compliment each other nicely. With that in mind, it's impossible for me to know which image they will pick, although I kind of have my guesses. (This image is one I think might be on the short list, but then I've been wrong about these things before. I'm sorry if I'm not giving you a comfortable feeling, but it's really a lot of guesswork sometimes. Don't let that take away from the process for you.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little "behind the scenes" look at a juried show and the juried show process. I hope you don't let the task of deciding or the fear of rejection stand in your way. Getting that "no" back can sting sometimes, but it's just really part of the process. Nobody, no great artist, gets into every show they try for - we work at getting into better and better shows and getting our work in front of more likely buyers each and every day. It's a slow, more organic process, not really like flipping on a light switch, more like a slow simmering burn. Nobody really becomes an "overnight sensation" in the art world anymore. It's a long slow slog to the top, if you must know the truth but, fact is, you'll never get there if you don't start off at the bottom and just start to worm your way on up.

So go ahead! Enter that juried show. Send that work out. Don't be afraid! Do it!

To take a look at my entire set of 10 images, I've created a set on Flickr for you to browse. If you follow this link you should be able to browse the Flickr set containing my 10 final selections for consideration in the show.

I'll post a follow-on sometime next week (once the juror's selection is in!) and let you know which image made the cut. In the meantime, while we're waiting, why don't you go ahead and send out some of your own work. Go on, you know you want to.

Until next time...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inside the Painted Church

PaintedChurch_3007, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Today's upload taken inside the Painted Church in Captain Cook. This is the front of the church, from where they lead the masses.

I'm getting ready for museum show and doing some uploads and yet more paperwork, so I'll keep this short for today. I hope that you are having a great weekend and got some shooting in even if it's hot where you are.

Look for more work from the Painted Church as well as some slides (from Mexico!) to come soon.

Until next time...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Slides, Good Times, and a Stroll Through the Garden

MeWorking, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I've been going through some old slides in preparation for an upcoming show at the local museum. I've actually found out a lot about myself, more like my shooting habits, by doing this.

Did you know I shot a lot of pictures in Mexico? I mean like a lot. Like thousands. Heck, even I didn't realize it was so many. I've also shot a lot in Johnson City, Bartlett, and Georgetown, but not as much as Mexico. (I've got a mountain from Mexico, I swear. I don't even know where it came from. Perhaps these things reproduce when I'm not looking? Maybe some random odd Spanish-speaking lady is sneaking into my house and "donating" her old family slides? I don't know and can't explain it, but, I swear, there's an entire mountain of Mexican slides in my studio right at this very moment.)

This is a self-portrait I did down in Bartlett, Texas, circa 1995. I had wondered around into this abandoned building, an old bank or shop of some kind, and noticed there were plates of glass leaning against the wall, sort of like broken old windows of sorts. I loved the idea of having multiple reflections (I'm really into reflections, in case you didn't know) so I setup this shot. This was back in the day when I never shot without a tripod. Oh my! How things have changed.

Barbara always said I looked mean in this picture. I didn't actually go for the "mean look" you have to understand, back then anyway, we couldn't shoot film apart from the certain film speed. Mine was like 100 ISO and there just was not enough light in the joint for me to pull anything out with slide film. So, I had to opt for a longer exposure, and that means, you guessed it, no smiling. For those of you who have not done a lot of long exposure photography, it's hard to hold a smile for more than a few seconds. Ten seconds? Maybe. Thirty seconds? Nope, you probably can't do it. As in dealing with in-laws, it's best in that situation to just sort of keep the ole' pie hole shut. Close the trap. Zip the lip. You know what I'm taking about here.

You'll be seeing some old slides pop up every now and again. I figure, since I'm sitting on, literally thousands of them, why not show them off a bit? Time to dust them up, scan them off, and present them a bit, don't you think? No, it's not just the show at the museum, I've actually been looking for an excuse to do this for a while, so here it is. (Well, here's the start of it anyway.)

In other news, my local water gardens is hosting an "Evening at the Ponds" this weekend. Saturday night, free wine tasting under the twinkle lights at the water gardens, watching the lilies open up and bloom. They are, much as I have been in this heat, nocturnal to the core.

Maybe I'll even bring a tripod....nah, don't think so.

Until next time...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


BeeOnFlower_1961, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Today's upload in honor of Blake Shelton's song "Honeybee" (Yes, I've been watching TV again, and I've been tuning in to check out "The Voice" vocal competition. It's, excuse the pun, "the bee's knees" in terms of singing talent.)

This image was taken in the water gardens as part of my expedition out into the hot, cruel world for part of the upcoming exhibition and project called "The LONG SHOT" (a 24-hour shooting marathon brought to us by the Photo Center NW, a nonprofit photography center in Seattle that provides cameras and photography instruction to underprivileged kids.)

In other news, I've been getting behind on my work. I still have some slides to go through, more paperwork to fill out, and loads of stuff to do. If anybody ever tells you that being a photographer involves taking a lot of pictures and not really doing a lot of paperwork, please slap them in the face on my account. Though I am not a violent person, I swear, if I have to fill out one more "gallery loan" form or duplicate any additional model releases in triplicate I'm going to run around my studio screaming and tearing up the place. Though I don't usually mind the work overload, this is *so* not what I signed up for in terms of paperwork. Honestly.

Speaking of model releases, do you think I should have gotten one from the bee? Think he (or she) could sign in triplicate before buzzing off to do whatever it is bees do?

Oh! That's right. He'd probably tell me he's got to make some honey and fly away. Somehow, I don't think bees really go for paperwork either and, besides, isn't that wasp territory? Don't they usually play around with paper instead?

Yeah, I know, even though they both sting, nobody likes wasps. And now we know the real reason why. Hint: it's all that love for paperwork with nary a drop of honey in return.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last One I Promise

SideWindow_3131, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

It's easy to get really excited about a new series, especially when it's very hot outside and the heat prevents me from doing a lot of walking around and shooting, so I'll take a break from the pinhole items for a while and post some additional shots next time.

I recently uploaded another card from Hawaii. I had buried it in my camera bag and forgotten about it. Somehow, my camera bag sometimes "eats" cards. It's not usually a big deal, since I find them eventually. I have this habit of putting spent cards back into my camera bag, in the big compartment at the bottom, just letting them drop down there. I use the side pockets for small plastic contains that hold the un-spent flash memory, that way I don't get confused and re-format an already shot card. No matter, there are a few "extra" cards now, which I will begin to find, should I happen to rummage around the bottom of the bag. One day soon, I promise too, I'll get to those.

Hey, what can I say? These things happen when we shoot a lot. I was never in a big hurry to run film back in the day either. Somehow, we just made due with the shots we managed to pull off and process, didn't we?

Speaking of rummaging, I've been doing that a lot lately. Looking though some old slides. When I say old, I mean really old, as in "circa 1993" kind of old. I'll share more with you on that project at a latter date too. Details on this, I promise, to follow.

Until then, you'll just have to settle for more pinhole-y type work.

Until next time...

Monday, June 20, 2011

About This Time

BetweenTrees_3128, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

About this time...I should explain that I really do know how to focus a camera. I do, honest.

About this time...I should explain that it really is very hot. It's almost summertime and the heat has already set in where I live.

About this time...I should explain that I really did take some *normal* pictures this weekend, and I'll let you see those...someday.

About this time...I should explain that I'm quite busy gearing up for a lot of shows and things. Really boils down to a lot of paperwork and *foof* that I have to do on my end.

About this time...I should tell you that this is a pinhole image. Yes, I know. It looks this way *on purpose.*

About this time...I should explain that I was participating in a charity event and this is one of the images I came up with. Yes, I got some "normal looking" floral shots too, but I rather like my odd suburban work.

About this time...I should really be telling you....

Until next time...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Suburban Pinhole

BackFences_3139, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

You might have heard that today I had a new project to complete. Let me tell you how it went.

For starters, it’s hot in River City. Very hot. Like 104 in the shade kind of hot. I had plans for my project too. I was going to get up early and head over to the Hill Country Water Gardens, in an attempt at getting some lovely floral shots early in the morning, you know, before the heat set it.

You know what they say about the best laid plans?

Laid. Yup. That’s what I did. In bed. Until about 10 or so. By then, then a/c had already kicked in and it was starting to get sweltering outside. Even in spite of the heat, I made it over to the water gardens for a little bit. I shot some flowers, some fish, some plants, and it started to get really hot. I had to sit down several times. (For future reference, if you sit inside their giant tiki hut, there’s really a nice breeze, even when it is about 106 outside.)

On the way over there, I noticed something. My camera, the back of it anyway, it not right. My new Canon 7D has a problem with the back. The glass plate on the back is sagging and all crooked. It looks like it’s broken. So now my Canon 7D has a focusing issue, which I was willing to just go ahead and deal with, but also the LCD preview panel is falling off and crooked. Great. Wonderful shoddy workmanship from Canon yet again. Time to get that fixed.

After all this fun and games, I decided to do what any light inspired warrior would do. I came home and took a nap.

I woke up and it was about 6 o’clock or so, maybe later. The sun had started to break a little bit so I decided I would put my pinhole lens on my other camera (the Canon T2i) and take that out, maybe for a short walk. It took me about 20 minutes (or more) to get the damn lens on (For future reference #2, the Lensbaby interchangeable lens optics systems? Yeah, not so “interchangeable.” They are a b!tch to get on and off and they just don’t work right. Takes about 20 minutes to change one. Euf. Me no like.) Finally got the pinhole lens on the pinhole camera, had the old little camera out, grabbed an SD card and took off.

The light was brilliant, the heat had broken, and I was inspired. I really feel in love with the pin-holey goodness. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was so inspired, I started a new series. It’s going to be called “Suburban Pinhole.” Now, I know I get all excited about doing new work, and it usually fades pretty quickly, but I really *like* this stuff (this time. I think.) Seriously. It’s different, it’s me, it’s not what you’d expect but it’s right on target. It’s just so *right* and it felt so *good* to get it out of my system.

Finally! Some new work. Heat be damned, I did something today. Yay! Go me!

Ok, enough self praise. Time to get back to work. There’s a lot of paperwork and uploading to do, not to mention I need a big drink of iced tea and Chase needs some playtime. But, you know, for the curious, look for “Suburban Pinhole” working coming soon. This is, in fact, a sample of it. Yeah, I know it's different, but what would you expect?

Until next time...

It's Four o'clock in the Morning

It's four o'clock in the morning and I've still got the iPhone going. Going to be a great day of shooting. So far, having a ton of fun with Long Shot, though I can't say the photos are great. Got some ideas for after sunrise though. Keep shooting!

Until next time...

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Friday, June 17, 2011

That's Crazy, Long, but Crazy

Going LONG for Long shot and thought I'd keep you up to date. Hour one, crazy but done.

Until next time...

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Know I Keep Coming Back around to It

Orb, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
I know I keep coming back around to it, but it's really very hot in Austin these days. Hot implies that the light is horrible-it's all blasted out, burnt out, brighted out (is that even a word?) To put it bluntly, it's too hot for me to shoot.

I just read how Tiffen has introduced a new Grad ND filter that retails for only $178 in 78mm size. I am going to pick up one of these. I really need one of these. I need a good GRAD so I can even begin to start thinking about shooting outdoors in this kind of light. It's just all that kind of hot and blasted out these days.

Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but there it is. Time to whip out some filter action, avoid the heat, and go shooting during the hours just before (or even after!) sunrise/sunset.

Speaking of breaking stuff out, have I told you how I might like to setup an overnight shoot this weekend? This coming weekend, for the LONG SHOT marathon, I'm thinking about trying to setup a five hour overnight shoot. Can you say star trails?

I think I have everything I need to pull this off, I just have to find it charge up the batteries, get all of the stuff together, set it up and then sort of hope the dog doesn't knock it over in the middle of the night.

Think things will go my way? What are the odds, right?

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glass Half Empty? Wait, what glass was that again?

, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
*Sigh* I have a new one for all of you photographers out there. For those of you who absolutely *hate* writing artist statements (and you know who you are...*waves*) I've got a new beast, a new dragon to slay, a new monster with fangs hiding out under the bed in your nightmarish bedroom of bad dreams.

The curatorial statement.

Oh good grief! If you thought artist statements were bad, if you thought you'd rather walk into the ocean then write one, why, let me tell you, you are just going to *love* one of these. It's like banging your head against a brick wall only it doesn't even really feel good when you stop. It's like a whole entire new form of horror that's just one hundred times worst than the last one.

Here's some drinks to tide you over should you happen to fall into the abyss that is writing a curatorial statement. And now, though not drunk in the least, I've got to set off to do just this. Oh the horror!

Wish me luck (or many drinks) for I am going to need it (and them!)

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Odds and Ends of Sorts

WhiteDress, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
I have a few odds and ends for everybody today.

For starters, those of you who missed out on the Dali creative pack from Hipstamatic have another chance to pick it up. They are offering something called a "Retro Pack" which contains the Dali lens. If you like the Hipstamatic images like I have been doing, this Retro Pak might be just the ticket for you. It's a way of getting the film/camera combination that I love to use for the Hipstamatic and it's only available for a very short time, so download away (but don't all download at once!)

Next up, we have LONG SHOT. That's coming up this weekend. I am thinking about doing some long exposure type stuff-I'm actually thinking about setting up dear camera on a tripod and shooting the night sky out of my bedroom window-maybe even something like a five hour exposure to get some star trails (and the like.) Stay tuned to see if I can pull this off. I believe I have all of the equipment so it might be a fun thing to try, if I can get it going, that is.

The Georgetown Art Hop released their call for entries today. Don't forget to sign-up if you are an artist in the local (Georgetown/Austin-y) area.

Lastly, I'm about to kickoff making a Facebook page for my art and photography items. (I've always hated the words "art and photography" since photography is art, but it's hard to distinguish pastels, oils, encaustics, and photography, so I guess I'll have to use it too) Look for an artist page popping up on Facebook and be sure to "Like" me once I can get it together and get it going. (Watch for more details here, once they are available.)

It's going to be over 100 degrees here today in River City. Hot, very hot, getting hotter, and very blasted out light makes for a lot of sweat on the brow. Kind of hard to keep focused when you're painting by the sound of the a/c kicking in at 8 o'clock in the morning, let me tell you.

Here's hoping for some much needed rain.

Until next time...

Monday, June 13, 2011

In Blue

Fine art print featuring architecture of Texas
TexasInBlue_0046, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
I worked another for my series of "In Blue" this weekend. I kind of like the way these showoff the architecture of the older colonial style buildings. I guess I kind of like them because they are so different. Not many people are doing stuff that looks like this-probably for good reason, but there you have it. I kind of like the way they come out so unique sometimes.

It's still too hot for me to shoot, so I'm going to line up some interior work and dig through some old slides, maybe do some printing. These are the kinds of tasks we photographers like to do when it's too hot to shoot.

In other news, I've gotten word that Tiffen has a new ND filter that goes from something like 2 to 8 stops of darkness. It retails for about $178 for a 72mm which is way cheap. I am going to have to get one of those, for certain. What a great thing to have when it's too hot and way too bright to shoot outside.

In other news, gearing up for some shows and trying to finish up some other work. Just me being my boring old self really.

I hope it's cooler in your little world.

Until next time...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Going Big, Going LONG, Going 24 Hours with LONG SHOT

Delicate_1575, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
When photographers “go big” they often “go long” too and I would be no exception. I’ve signed up to participate in this year’s LONG SHOT, a project offered by the wonderful non-profit Photo Center NW organization. What is LONG SHOT? You might be asking, and I’d be here to explain.

LONG SHOT is a 24 hour marathon “shoot out” of photographers from all around the world who get together (not physically, mind you, just over the computer) to take photos at the same time. It’s a wonderful project offered as a fund raiser for the non-profit.

The way it works is we photographers shoot for a 24 hour period (you don’t have to shoot all 24 hours if you really don’t want to) and then we send our 10 best images off to Photo Center. The good folks at Photo Center pick an image for exhibition and, sometime in July, the work is presented at Photo Center and sold to raise money for the non-profit. It’s a wonderful way to help finance educational programs for aspiring photographers and also a great way to show off some of our work too. (Those of you out there looking to build a record of shows, this is a great way to add to your photographic resume. Just think! You too could have “an upcoming exhibition in Seattle!”)

There is a minimum donation of $24 to participate which you can either raise by collecting pledges (or you can just pay it yourself when you submit the work) so the Photo Center raises at least $24 for each photographer plus the proceeds from the sale of the finished artwork. It’s a great way to raise money for a great cause and so I hope you’ll either consider participating in it as well or, if you aren’t up to doing it as a photographer, at least consider donating for the cause. (You can pledge on my sheet by shooting me an email providing me with your Name, Phone, E-mail, and Donation/Pledge per Hour, which is either a flat rate donation--like say $24--or a donation per hour of shooting, which could be something like: $1, working out to be $1 for every hour I shoot over the 24-hour period.)

If you're interested in signing up for the project, you can click here for more information.

Best of luck to all of my fellow LONG SHOOTERS and I'll see you on the exhibition floor come July!

Until next time...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Time to Break Out

Jail_8818, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Apologies for being quiet for the past few days. Blogger and Flickr, it would appear, were not playing nice with each other again. No matter, as things seem to be working now. It's good to be back and I've got so many things to tell you.

For starters, there are a slew of upcoming portfolio reviews coming up. Portfolio reviews are one of those things I never feel prepared to do but yet, somehow, after I participate, I'm totally glad I did. It's a lot of work but worth it in the end. There's Critical Mass and Meeting Place, both of which are opening up soon (if they have not already) for submissions. Best of luck for all of those entering.

Next up, in other news, we have the heat. In case you have not noticed, it appears we've gotten an early jump on summer and it's mercilessly hot in many parts of North America. I was talking with a friend the other day, she had just uploaded an image of a doe playing in her yard, and I said that it was, "hot here. Too hot to take any pictures. Wouldn't matter anyway, as everything here is brown, busted up, dried up, and blasted out."

Her response?

Nope, it wasn't sympathy.

Instead, she's thrown the gauntlet. She's challenged me to take a picture of some burnt out brown grass and make it look...well, make it look...interesting. You know, the way I always do. So now, I'm tossing and turning ideas of how to work with brown grass in my head, you know, pondering things the way I always do. (What would you do with brown grass? Dried up landscapes? Blasted out light? Do please share if you've got any gems.) Look for me to post something here about this eventually.

I've got to make it over to the Koi breeders and water gardens place again this weekend, and hope to should the heat hold out. I'm hoping I can make a little "window" of time, either before or after the hottest part of the day, so that I can break away for another hour of shooting or so. Working on a book of this so watch for that to come soon as well.

I've also been tasked at starting up another corporate photo group, so look for that to be happening soon as well. This one is just a satellite location but it's local for Austin so I'll probably be going out shooting and doing some demos or lining up some engaging speakers sometime soon.

I'm also still messing with my printers and expect to upgrade at some point. Look for that to happen maybe as soon as July or so, although frankly I'm not in a big hurry for this.

This shot was taken inside the old Santa Fe jailhouse. It's a great location provided you can get inside, although I really should say provided you can get *outside* as "getting in" with these type of places, it actually the easy part. It's getting out...why, that's the trick.

I've got lots of other posts coming your way...all kinds of stuff lined up about tips, creative pointers, some new stuff, but I really want to wait until Blogger and Flickr are really playing nice once again before posting, so I'll keep this short and wish you coolness and light. (Stay out of the heat unless, of course, you're out scouting some extra crispy brown grass for me to play with, ok?)

Until next time...