Friday, January 28, 2011

The Grocery Saga - Long Format But Good for a Laugh or Two

If you recall, or maybe if you just scroll down a bit, you might remember that the last time I went grocery shopping was the first week in January. I snapped this with my iPhone in the parking lot as I was leaving because, though I had ice cream in the car at the time, I also had some magical light-I believe I called it "cool clouds during the blue hour." Yes, that's what it was, indeed. Those really were some cool clouds.

Fast forward to this week.

I'm completely out of groceries. I haven't been to the store since then and odd things have started to happen. For one, I've been so busy that I haven't really had time to go. And then, somehow, I just haven't felt like going. Extreme laziness had set in and I just couldn't be bothered going. For some unknown reason, I've just avoided the place. For a long time, I just wasn't buying it. Days would go by and I would just try to put it behind me somehow, like it was never really there. (Groceries? Nah, they don't exist really, just a figment of your imagination, right?)

As days went by, it seemed like some kind of surreal moment-you know what I'm talking about here. It was like I was in some kind of a Beckett play only in reverse. Instead of "Waiting for Godot," instead of standing next to some stupid tree waiting for some mysterious event to happen or some unknown guy to just show up out of the blue, I was doing my absolute best to avoid any kind of shopping. The grocery store, though mere blocks away, felt like miles down the road and completely unreachable. Like some ship in the night that I might pass briefly but will never set sail. Some mysterious dark harbor that didn't really exist in my tempest of day to day life.

I even started tweeting about this.

"It's like I'm in some kind of a contest-how many days can I go without groceries?!? What's next? Eat wallpaper paste? Pizza dude, u there?"

"Must...get...groceries. Have not shopped in weeks. Even the candy stash at my desk has run out. Oh the horror!"

Now, I'm not one for reproducing Twitter tweets here (that would be redundant and, apart from that, I just find it rather dull and boring) but I thought it would be fun to share with you a sort of day-by-day run down of this whole non shopping "experience" (can I even call it that? What do you call it when you don't do something? Is that an "experience" an "inexperience" or maybe a "non-experience." Hmmm. I'll have to get back to you on that, back to you right after I go shopping, of course.)

So, if you'll excuse the bits of redundancy and the stream of consciousness, ahem, *clears throat* here goes.

Day 1-Ok, I went to grocery store yesterday. Got a few things. Have too much milk. Maybe I should make some mac and cheese.

Day 2-Hmmm. No lettuce left. Ah, that's ok, I had a salad Tuesday anyway.

Day 5-Milk is starting to smell funny.

Day 8-Out of pasta sauce. Veggies look funny. What's this? *Pulls pickle jar from back of 'fridge.* Hmmm.

Day 9-Don't feel like cooking and very busy tonight. Pizza dude, you there?

Day 11-Milk smells very funny now. Nothing fresh left. Hmmm. Not in panic mode but maybe should think about going to grocery store? Nah, I'll paint instead...

Day 12-Ok, milk is dead now. Veggies up and gone. We're down to staples.

Day 13-Oh look! A can of soup! Non-perishable food items, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.

Day 14-The cow that gave the milk on day one is now a steak but, unfortunately, we have none of that "steak" business in our freezer. Nope, there's too much film in there. Gee, I wonder if I could eat a Polaroid... (ponders chewing plastic.)

Day 15-Candy stash at my desk has run out and co-workers have started to stare me down. "Where's the CANDY around here!!" Kevin protests. Even Damien politely asks, "Don't you usually have some kind of candy or something in this jar?" I try to explain, "sorry, I just didn't get to the grocery store yet," but they aren't really buying this lame excuse.

Day 16-Co-workers have started to give me dirty looks in the hallway. Cows laugh at me.

Day 17-Kevin tries to eat an eraser found at the bottom of the dish that once contained candy. Milk is so dead I'm now contemplating selling it as penicillin and using the proceeds to buy Chinese take-out.

Day 18-Well, it was good for a can of soup once, gee, I wonder what else lurks in my pantry. Hark! Do I see a package of Ramen Noodles? Indeed, I smell Riboflavin. Yeah! It's like winning the non-shopping lottery.

Day 19 (from Twitter)-"Day 19 of no groceries: how to survive on frozen raspberries and dead toast. On a positive note, press for upcoming encaustic show: DONE!"

Day 20-What's milk? Can somebody remind me, because I've forgotten again. Presumably, Kevin has run off and invaded the land of Hershey or otherwise emptied the nearby vending machine. Even the Ramen Noodles smell funny and we're surprisingly (or not) all out of soup. On a positive note, is it February already? Wow, how time flies when you've got no fresh food.

And this brings us to today.

I wonder what's going to happen today? It's a safe bet that the candy dish in my office is now empty, probably broken even or maybe, at least, turned upside down. Kevin's probably wearing it like a lampshade over his head while banging on the vending machine demanding it either spit out copious amounts of chocolate or give him his money back. I don't have anything resembling "milk" in any format, even the Polaroids look a bit chewed up, and I'm predicting that I'll break down and finally run to the store once I start running out of toilet paper. I believe bookies will soon start placing bets as to when I will return to my friendly neighborhood local grocers and, in fact, I've started to wonder if they've remodeled the place or if it's just been so long since I've been there last that I've just forgotten what the place looked like to begin with. Oh the humanity! (Please do tell me if they now stock cherries on aisle six as I might very well return. Some day. I think.)

Yes, I believe that's what the future holds for me: I'm to get lost in the market on my way home from work today, if I even make it there in the first place. Because, you see, I'm going today. I'm really going today. At least, that's what I've told myself today, on this very day, as I wake up in the morning, sitting here early in the day, typing this to you. *Today* will be the day I finally break down and go to the grocery store, that is, at least unless I put it off until tomorrow. Really though, I'm going to try and go *today* because, well, because I have to sooner or later. Don't I? (Never mind, don't answer that.)

If I keep telling myself this, will I make it happen? Will I finally break down and just, for the love of God, money, and great American muscle cars built before 1973, finally just go to the damned grocery store and get it over with already? Or, will I put it off for yet another day and face yet another day of the "gee, I wonder what's in the back of the pantry roulette" game I've been playing lately because I'm so incredibly lazy I can't even drag myself up and out of the house long enough to go and come home with a bag of fresh foodstuffs.

Oh, and, on an entirely unrelated note (yeah, right!) I'm going to stay home all day and paint tomorrow. Look for me in the studio (but not the grocer's freezer!) tomorrow and wish me luck digging through the seemingly endless pantry on trip number who-knows-what (since I've lost count now) to the back outer reaches of my kitchen storage area. It never ceases to amaze me what I find back there and, frankly, I believe I could live another six months without visiting that pesky shopping center, not that I would consider doing that now, would I?

Would I? Could I? Oh, good grief!

Until next time...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strange Small Buildings

Just what pray tell explains my fascination with small buildings that dot the landscape? Should I have been an architect maybe or do I just have a thing about little houses and open spaces? I don't know about that but I do know my obsession with little houses continues and spans media. I love to draw, paint, and photograph small houses in open spaces.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stuff Going On

RedMarble, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Yes, I know I haven't posted in ages. I'm so sorry, Snowflakes, but you see Queen Flake has been very busy.

For starters, I've been in the studio making a bunch of new encaustic pieces. This is one from the lot.

I also finished off my wonderful Sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project, so that's now in the mail. (Look for that to come to a venue near you very soon now since, after all, those who complete sketchbooks are rock stars with crayons, of sorts. I think. Well, let's just say maybe on a good day and leave it at that.) The sketchbook was really a lot of work, more than I had expected, so I've been taking a bit of a breather after it, to sort of settle down and get ready for the stuff that's next up in the queue.

My sketchbook did come out well enough, and I think it's a fun enough topic that I've decided to turn it into a Blurb book, so look for that coming at some point to my Blurb gallery. Speaking of the Blurb gallery, the Texas Wax book is now complete and we're getting ready to place our group order, so look for an announcement about that sometime soon, if you haven't placed your order in with me already.

I've got a show coming up in Colorado and another in Oregon (if I can get my act together.) There's also the upcoming iPhone show at Studio2Gallery, which I'm over the moon about-how fun is that going to be? There's been some press on that one and it's shaping up to be a fun show so I can hardly wait.

I also have an upcoming encaustic workshop in Austin that I'll be attending. Yes, it's true, the wonderful and talented Patricia Saggebruch is coming to my area and I can hardly wait for that. I'll be taking a weekend workshop with her and I'm so looking forward to learning lots of techniques, tips, and tricks, not to mention just spending some time in studio with her.

February will find me doing NaBloPoMo for the month. Since February is a month devoted to all things romance, this time around my theme is going to be "Things I Love." I plan on posting something I love, one thing that I love, each and every day in February, so look for that coming to the blog soon enough.

Finally, I'm helping hang an encaustic show this weekend up at the Georgetown Library so look for more details on that to be posted soon as well.

January is always a busy month and this has been no exception. I'm really looking forward to getting out into the galleries a bit before the heat of summer kicks in and I won't feel like doing all that much again. I hope you've all been well and are enjoying an equally busy but fun January. Not too snowed in, are you? Gosh, I hope not.

I really hope January allows you to get out, take some pictures, paint, or just do what it is that you do best.

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snakes in the Gallery

Went over to Studio 2 Gallery this weekend for book event. Though the weather was horrible, the gallery was filled with wonderful artists. Nathan brought a snake puppet that Tina promptly stole and ran around showing off. Who could blame her? Nathan's snake is the cutest thing going.

Here's a look at Tina with the snake thanks to hipsta.

Until next time...

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Join Our Superhero Already in Progress

SuperHero, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Oh what a day I'm having! Oh what a time I'm having!

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Oh help me now.

Wasn't Calgon supposed to take me away? How did I end up like this? My life, my life, what did I do in my life to deserve this? I can tell you one thing, sure as shooting, I must have a lot of bad karma from a past life. I must have been one of those spouse abusing mongrels who sits on his back porch in his cutoff shorts and wife beating T-shirts complaining about the weather all the while throwing empty beer cans at poor unsuspecting squirrels. Yup. That was me once and I'm paying for it now. If only I had know then what I know now I would have been a little less flippant with those beer bottle tops and a little less heavy-handed with the old lady. I'm so sorry for all I've done and all I must have done in the past to deserve this.

Oh good grief!

I hope you never have any deadlines, ever. I hope you're sitting on a beach somewhere wondering if you can get your drink with a little purple umbrella instead of a little pink one. Yeah, I hope that's the worst lot in your life because now? Right now? Yeah man, I'm really suffering.

Superhero my a$$, somebody GET ME A DRINK!

Until next time...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Wild Clouds in the Blue Hour

Yesterday, I was running late-I had to go grocery shopping to pick-up a few things and we were expecting this storm to hit. So, I packed myself up and headed out to the grocery store, must have been just around four, probably five o'clock.

After I did my shopping, I started to pack up the car and that's when I noticed it. The incoming storm had made the clouds really quite incredible and the hour had made us enjoy a blue hour. It was amazing. Incredible clouds at the blue hour. I was crazy over it. I didn't have my camera with me, so I grabbed my iPhone and started snapping away. I thought about getting my camera, I was only a few minutes away from home, but it would have been too late. The blue hour was fading and the storm incoming, there just wasn't enough time.

As I was driving home, just my luck, the palomino horse I've been itching to photograph for years was out for a run. He was along the fence too, just by the side of the road. Damn and blast, I didn't have my camera with me. Oh the humanity! At least my sorry self was able to go out and take a few quick snaps with the iPhone in the parking lot of the grocery store. I had ice cream in the car too, so I couldn't even stop for the horse and, frankly, by the time I had made it around the horse zone, the blue hour was already in full fade mode. Chalk that one up to a, "well, it would have been nice." Yeah, yeah, I know, always bring the camera along for the ride too.

I did manage to salvage a few shots with the Hipstamatic (Salvador Dali pack, which I recently downloaded.) Not sure they are the greatest but it's better than nothing. I actually kind of like this one, even though it's not really wild clouds or the blue hour (well, you really can't tell that it was taken in wild clouds or in the blue hour.)

The wild clouds, the horse, the blue hour, these are not even the strangest of things I've found this weekend. While I was in the grocery store, I happened upon this:

Yes, I've been seeing some strange things in some strange times indeed. I hope it's normal in your little world or, at least, not nearly as crazy as it's been around here.

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

PurpleGrassBlades, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.
Nothing big to share today, I just wanted to post a picture and check-in for a bit. I've been busy prepping a new article on iPhone photography and doing press for my upcoming iPhone invitational show. Look for the press releases about that to hit soon if they haven't already. I believe I was in the Huffington Post for a little while this morning, thanks to all the press surrounding this show (of course, I was dutifully bumped by something more pressing, something like photos of the royal couple doing something nasty. But, hey, who am I to argue with that? I can't even begin to compete with a misbehaved royal couple, can you? Gosh, I hope not!)

I've also ordered some art supplies and have plans for some larger encaustic pieces in the works, as well as starting preparations for trips and travel. You know, you just know how much I love doing all of *that.*

Biting sarcasm aside, I hope you are having a great Wednesday. (Check out Wordless Wednesday if you are so-inclined.) This was taken over at the Water Gardens and it's fall grass getting ready to bloom, up close on the macro with the sun setting in the distance.

Canon EOS550D EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM shot at f/2.8 exposure unrecorded (but probably about 1/30th if I had to guess. Yup, looking at EXIF it was indeed 1/30th of a second, flash did not fire.)

Until next time...

Monday, January 03, 2011

Here's Looking at 2011 Photographically speaking that is

GoldenRodsNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Is it 2011 already? I can hardly believe it. Where did 2010 go? It seems like each year goes by faster and faster. Well, no worries, since it's a new year, it's time for some new photographic resolutions. This is something I like to do every year: take stock of where I am, where I want to go, and maybe blab a little bit about what's on tap over the course of the next year.

2011 is already shaping up to be full, busy, crazy, and I'm *so* looking forward to it.

For starters, I've already told you about my upcoming foray into teaching, Look for 2011 to be a year in which I start teaching, start workshops, and put on the educator's hat a lot more. I'm really looking forward to this too. After having spent the better part of two decades behind a lens, it's about time I got in front of a chalkboard and started to share some of my expertise, so look for that to happen starting over the next few weeks and probably continuing over the course of the year.

I've been dabbling with a lot of different media over the course of 2010 and I expect that to continue but I expect a sort of convergence to start to take place in 2011. Allow me to explain. In 2011, I will continue to draw, paint, take pictures, but I expect my vision to become more focused. I have spend a bit of time experimenting and dabbling with different things, playing really, and now I am fully expecting myself to get down to business in 2011. I'm challenging myself to come up with several bodies of work and get together some new material for some shows. I don't expect it all to be photographic material, no, I'm anticipating some drawing, pastels, encaustics, and the works, but I do expect it to be a more unified vision. More focused work, regardless of medium, if that makes sense (and, if it doesn't, no worries, as this will become more clear over the course of the year.) I'm actually starting to shoot stuff so that I can wax it, draw stuff so that I can shoot it, paint stuff so that I can, well, you get the idea. I expect this convergence to continue throughout 2011 and I'm looking forward to making it work. I want to watch this unfold. Pulling it all together is a fun thing for me. Realizing a vision, not just playing around with a bunch of varied new media anymore. It's high time I pumped out some work and that's what I'm going to do starting in 2011, so expect that to continue over the course of the year. This year, I expect to drive a few different bodies of work into maturity and start to pull together a larger show. I expect to be able to send my work out for a one person show as soon as I'm ready with that. I'm also excited about my new work, as my new stuff has a certain maturity of vision that was lacking up until now. Seems all of these new directions are really taking shape in 2011 and I am excited to start to see some of the results. I can already feel and see the beginnings of these things taking shape and it's exciting for me.

As far as group shows, I'm probably going to do more of them this year, though they will probably be just as varied as they have been in prior years. I expect to do more in certain markets of the country, and I expect to start sending off different media for juried shows (not just photography) so look for that to happen soon (if it isn't happening already.)

I'm going to upgrade equipment a lot this year. Expect me to fight with a new printer, a new camera (or two) and a host of different equipment. Also expect upgrades to my studio space, as I'm fleshing it out, although I can't promise anything here as large and exciting as getting new camera gear. I do expect to get a new (working) laptop early in 2011 as well, so look for me to become more mobile.

Speaking of mobility, it's a good thing I'm shaping up to get a new laptop, as I'm going to try to travel more this year. I anticipate taking a trip early in 2011 and then probably one or two more additional trips after that, so 2011 is shaping up already to be a busy year in travel. Looking forward to that, as I always love to travel and location shoots are always a challenge but so much fun for me.

I expect charity work to continue, so look for more shows like the 5x7 shows, maybe even the Heart Gallery again, and lots of additional work from me in this area. I want to really bring about some charity shows, as this is always fun for me and it's much needed in the community.

2011 might very well be the year I see Cedar Park finally get a gallery and I might very well be one person who helps to make this happen. Look for me to possibly venture into the gallery space this year, if I can get it together and make things happen. I'm optimistic in this front and excited about what 2011 might bring in this regard, though no solid plans just yet, many things are in the works related to this and I expect one or more of them will happen in 2011.

In general, last year was a very "inward" year for me, in terms of making personal work and this year is shaping up to be a very "professional" year for me, in terms of doing work that's out there, out in the market more, putting myself out there more, and moving on to bigger and better things. I expect this to continue-I expect to see 2011 find me busy, productive, doing a lot of shows, doing a lot of work, and getting down to what's really happening. I expect my work to get out there more and I anticipate putting myself out there more as an artist.

I'm really excited, and I hope you are too, about the photographic possibilities of 2011. I look forward to sharing photographic work with the world in 2011, as well as sharing stories of the road and techniques with a new, wider audience, specifically my new students and fans across outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Here's wishing you continued photographic (and artistic) success in 2011. May your imagination dream it, your eyes see it, your camera capture it, your darkroom or computer process it gracefully, your flash memory or film supply remain endless, and your batteries forever charged in 2011. Keep the sun at your back, your eyes on the prize, and enjoy leading a life captured in pictures, it's definitely one worth living. I hope 2011 finds you already snapping away and enjoying photographic success however you may define it.

Until next time...