Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big photo news today

Wake up!

Monroe Gallery reports that two small boxes bought at a garage sale for $10 now estimated to be worth 200 million. Boxes contained 65 glass negatives by Ansel Adams, previously thought to be destroyed in a fire.

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mythopolis said...

Of course, Ansel Adams did amazing work. But, I find this story a bit obscene. Seen too much of this kind of thing about dead artists and what they are worth now. It seems about the ultra-rich and their hoarding obsessions about art works. I think if Adams was around today, he would say, "Would someone please gag me with a spoon?"

Carol said...

While I usually agree with the idea that art from dead people is overpriced, I find this case to be a rare exception. The find in question is 65 negatives, from which a mountain of new work can emerge. That's a lot of glass and, to me anyway, helps justify the price.

I do have to wonder though, who is going to print the lot. To me, that is the most interesting/pressing question.