Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Road

Fence Bending, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

In the "my photos have been to hovels and night clubs they won't let me into with my camera so I must be doing ok" department, today I found out that some of my work will be on display in Dallas starting at the end of August.

Look for me at the Dunn and Brown Contemporary Gallery, 5020 Tracy Street Dallas, as part of the "On the Road: Dallas" series of the 2010 5x7 invitational show. The main event will be Friday August 27th from 6-8 pm with a preview from 6-6:30 and sales starting at 6:30 pm.

For those of you in Dallas, don't say you weren't warned.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pedestrian Takes on Adams' Find

TheFramed, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I thought it was interesting to read some of the comments about the recent Ansel Adams find. So, I went to a popular website and followed a few.

One person wrote, "Photos that pleased Ansel Adams had a particular "look" derived from sharpness and depth of field, hard to determine in scenics." My answer? Um, no. You can pretty much tell by looking what the depth of field in a photo is, sorry but that's just wrong.

"By the way--these photographs look almost nothing like Anselm Adams to my eye. But I'm no expert!" You got that right. The part about not being an expert, I mean.

"Even if they are real they are worth nowhere near $200 million...Every photographer takes dozens if not hundreds of photographs for every one he deems "up to his standards". Since these were unknown, unpublished photos, they were obviously "rejects" and thus not worth nearly as much." Ansel Adams rejects are better than most photographers' work that is "up to standards." Also, the value of work depends heavily upon the artist who created it and, in this case, the residual sales made from selling things like posters, coffee mugs, and the like. You do own a coffee mug, don't you? (Yeah, thought so. That's where the 200 million dollar figure is coming from, bonehead.)

"Much ado about nothing. The photos are nice but I don't think they would be worth anywhere near 200 million dollars." Oh yes, we should take your opinion because, after all, you are an expert on the value of artwork.

"Hey, if someone would buy a piece of french toast that looked like Jesus for 20K on ebay anything is possible" Yes, anything is possible and, it would appear too that anybody can leave comments on the Internets-even uninformed idiots like you.

"I've seen a big tree once by him. I'm not impressed." Oh, right. And the entire world of art exists only to impress you?

"I am an amateur photographer, nowhere near the level of Ansel, and I would NEVER leave my negatives behind. To suggest that Ansel would have been so careless is hard to believe. Especially since these are supposed to be the some of the only negatives to survive a fire." Well, you got the "amateur" part right anyway. How many images did Adams expose in his lifetime? Yeah, right. Now you're really going to tell me, with a straight face, you honestly believe not one of them got away? Even not since he's dead and gone now? They all sort of just "cling" to him, just because?

"i guess girls were real ugly back in the day so he took pics of forests" Yeah, that's it. Boobies make everything better. Go back to surfing porn on the Interwebs and please, leave the art world now. Don't let the door hit your "hot booty" on the way out.

"Switch digital camera to black and white.......give me 200 million please. Give me a break most over-rated "Art" EVER. Anyone can snap off pictures" If it's so easy, why don't you do it? Go ahead. Let's see your results then.

"Just about anybody with a modicum of darkroom skills with B&W chemistry today can recreate what Adam did 60+ years ago. The dude even wrote a book telling EXACTLY how to do it (3 of them, actually). The real key is the exposure and the plate densities. The printing is like paint-by-numbers." Oh, so the light had nothing to do with it then? Sorry, but that's a little bit like me saying, "I could be an Olympic swimmer if only I knew how not to sink. If it weren't for the pesky knowing how to swim bit..." They even have books written by experts on swimming and yet, alas, I still don't know how to do it. Go figure.

"Anyone dumb enough to pay ridiculous money for a photographic print is a fool anyway." Oh right. So we should all invest in Justin Bieber lunchboxes instead? Next.

"Ansel Adams went to some of the most remote places to take these great pictures. With that being said, Does that mean I cannot take the same picture just because Ansel took it first? Nobody owns the Moon." True, but that still doesn't mean anybody can take a great photo of it. I think you should go there and find out. Right now. Seriously. Want a punch?

"I wonder what dingy would waste their money buying black & white pictures of nature anyway?...It goes contrary to the idea that nature is full of beautiful colors." I don't even want to touch this one.

"Even I notice that these images certainly do not have the same flair of contrast seen in Ansel's other works, and could easily have been taken by Edward Weston, Man Ray, Imogen Cunningham or any of the other photographers of the day who shot the Yosemite valley. Look them up, they all have pics from that area." Ah, no. I won't say for certain if they were made by Adams or not, but they were not done by the other photographers listed, sorry. Just wrong, but thanks for playing. Bzzzzt. Next!

"You know what I never understood...why people pay so much just because a particular person took the picture...I mean give me a break....How hard is it to frame a nice shot? " You should try it sometime and find out. Here's a hint: if it were so easy, everybody would have "nicely framed shots" all the time, wouldn't they?

It's been an interesting story for me to follow, in part because I'm learning just how stupid the general public is and how uninformed people are about photography. I mean, saying they are not worth 200 million, yeah, maybe that parts up for debate and asserting that Adams didn't really take them, that's something best left to the scientists and art historians, but nobody could even make up stuff this good. Seriously. (Do people even think before they post crap online anymore or do they just blindly push "send" and hope for the best?)

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not Much To Say Tonight

SandDune, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

You're probably expecting me to chime in about the recent Ansel Adams find. Maybe you'd like me to talk about all of the recent happenings on Top Gear (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were guest stars this week!) or perhaps I should chirp up once more about the weather? (Yeah, it's still hot. It's Texas, what do you want?) Nope, I'm not going to do any of that.

Tonight? Tonight, I'm not talking. Sorry, I've been busy doing a bunch of stuff and I find myself wanting to actually say very little. I've been playing in Photoshop again, playing with textures and layers. Oh yeah, you probably could have guessed that without me telling you as much. But, you know, sometimes I just don't need words.

Words? Nope, sorry, not tonight.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big photo news today

Wake up!

Monroe Gallery reports that two small boxes bought at a garage sale for $10 now estimated to be worth 200 million. Boxes contained 65 glass negatives by Ansel Adams, previously thought to be destroyed in a fire.

Until next time...

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Out of My Hands

TheDecorator, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Did you ever get the feeling that, no matter what you do, there's some kind of "master plan" for you? That, try as you may, and try you will, no matter what happens, you get what you're supposed to get and that things sort of happen for a reason?

Tonight I was fighting with Christmas lights. Now, I know that sounds silly, fighting with Christmas lights in July but, as you can probably guess from the photo, I'm working in the studio on some projected images. So, fight I did-I even managed to break one of the lights. And, try as hard as I could, I just could not get the lights to stay on top of my head. They just kept sliding off, just as the self timer was clicking into action.

I had this "grand notion" you see-I had an image in my head of what I wanted to do. I wanted me, standing there (as you see me here) in front of the holiday display door, with a sort of "net" of holiday lights cast over my head. I wanted them to be over my head, not falling, spinning all around me. I wanted the picture to be clear, not blurry. Well, so much for good intentions (what is that they sometimes say about "the road to Hell?" Oh, right! I think I'm so on it already! Beep Beep! Out of my way! I don't want to keep Satan waiting. Or do I?)

The funny thing is, I actually *like* this picture. I like the motion. I'm surprised how you can see my face. It just sort just works for me. I don't think the picture of me standing there, still, all sharp and stuff, would have come out nearly as nice. Somehow, looking at this now, I think I like it better. Am I allowed to change my mind? (Ahem, please say, "yes," you know you like it when we're both happy, right?)

For those of you keeping score, that would make the universe, Karma, all things spirited 1, Carol 0. Sure, the battle is still early, there's still time for me to do the other shot, but, especially now anyway, I'm not so sure I want to. I mean, did I get the shot I was supposed to get? Did I have to put up with holiday lights falling off my head, making a mess of my hair, instead of staying put, where I wanted to place them, for a reason? Is there some sort of "master plan" to which I am not privy? Or is it just a mistake?

Yeah, I think sometimes we get the images we're supposed to get and we're kind of fooling ourselves if we think otherwise. Take that you universe, you! I'm going to take a picture anyway! It's a familiar battle cry, isn't it?

Until next time...

Sky High

CloudsFromAboveNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

It's always fun shooting from the passenger seat of a jumbo jet. It's pretty easy to do too, provided it's not too cloudy out or, even if it is, provided the pilot can take you over the clouds.

This is approaching Catalina Island from the Pacific side, sometime early morning, just after the sun came up and just before reaching shore.

Do you like to fly? Is it one of those things you dread? Does it bore you to tears?

I think a lot of people who are afraid of flying wouldn't be if they could take pictures. Taking pictures takes the edge off of it somehow. It's just one of those things-we're up there, moving along at like 600 miles and hour, thinking, no convinced we're about to be killed when suddenly you get this great idea for a shot. Sounds crazy but it works that way sometimes.

I've gone through periods where I had to fly a lot. No, I don't enjoy it so much, but not because I'm afraid, just because they've made the whole airline, search, security, take off your shoes and wait in long lines things so difficult. The actual act itself doesn't really bother me all that much, in fact, usually, by the time I get up in the air, I view it as an opportunity to settle in, rest up a bit, maybe talk to some interesting people. I don't mind it up there at all.

So long as, you know, I don't have to use the toilet too often that is.

Until next time...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Big in Japan

Book arrived today! Quick turnaround from publisher, don't you think? Looks nice too-they did a good job. Yay!

Until next time...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home spa alert

Robe from La Fonda received in the mail. Such luxury! Must now have a home spa day! Time to jump in the jacuzzi and spa out?

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You're Not Getting Me To Change

The other day, I was talking with somebody and she happened to find out that I was a photographer. I think I might have told her that I just got back from Santa Fe on a photo workshop or some such thing, and we started to talk about photography.

An interesting thing about photography, is that it's a bit like music and other art forms where there are many different types of photographers. For example, I am a fine art photographer, who does a lot with experimental photography. That's it. Kind of like how Slash plays "rock guitar" and isn't really in danger of taking up the French horn anytime soon now, is he?

So, back to the conversation. We got to talking and she started telling me how I should take a certain type of picture. How I should travel and take what I'd call "travel photography" type of pictures.

"That's travel photography," I said, "it's nice, but I don't really do that. I do fine art photography."

She kept insisting. "Oh, but you could go *here* and take *this!*" She was trying to get me to go to South America, Asia, and parts of Europe (the parts where not many tourists go, of course!)

Yes, I could. But I don't want to. That's not what I do. I take fine art experimental photographs. Really. Been doing it a while, I know what they look like. Seen 'em before and all that.

She kept insisting. She even showed me some of her work. She went here, she went there and shot this or that. Then she told me I needed to be "more like" this photographer or that one. Really?

I don't.

I know who I am as a photographer, and I'm not going to change suddenly. Seriously. What is it about people that makes them think that, after twenty odd years of shooting, I'm suddenly going to burst up, like some kind of "giant mushroom" and start taking sports photos, or travel photos, or, whatever the case may be? I'm not. Seriously. Not going to happen. Have better odds winning the lottery or getting to sit next to Brad Pitt on a cross continental flight in first class. Honestly. (Brad Pitt travels in a private jet, by the way.)

You're not going to change me, I'm not going to change, please don't tell me what to take pictures of, if it's such a great shot, take it yourself. If you don't like my work, that's fine, but please don't try to get me to change to fit your needs, wants, or desires because, well, sorry but that's just not going to happen. Not unless you pay me, and pay me a lot of money, because I have my own work to do and that's what I'm doing. I do work for money but you have to pay upfront and then you get to call the shots. Otherwise? Yeah, I'm doing what I'm doing, what I've been doing, what I'll continue to do, because that's what I want. Selfish, I know, but that's how life works sometimes, isn't it? We don't always get to call the shots, sometimes, if we're lucky, we get to call our own shots and, even that is often a bit of a balancing act.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that, I shoot what I shoot, when I want to shoot it. I do what I do. I make the work that I want to make. And I really don't need anybody telling me otherwise. If I even look like I need suggestions, well, sorry about that, it's not by intention. Go sell your bucket of goods elsewhere because, well, here? We just ain't buying. Like that line from Jack in the movie As Good As It Gets, "go sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here." And we are all stocked up here. I've got the birds stuck on a wall, the trailer with the pink flamingos, the oddball night shots, and the wacky cross processing to prove it.

Nope, you're not getting me to change. Sorry! Not taking up sports, travel, weddings, or cute kittens anytime soon.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rad gumbo

Had some Cajun style food for lunch at Gumbo's-was delicious. Driving back heard One Republic's "too late to apologize" on the radio. Still love that song, never grows old.

Until next time...

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Monday, July 19, 2010

So Hot

It's so hot in Texas today that wiggling hula girls on dashboards everywhere are melting.

Until next time...

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Noctural Project, Blurb Book, and so Much More

NightJesterNo1, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Well, it's summertime again-summertime and the living is easy. Actually, the photography is easy, or it could be. You see, summer means it's time for the annual Utata big "summer" project. Yes indeed, the good folks over at Utata have announced their "big summer project" and, this year anyway, it's a familiar theme.

From the announcement page for Nocturnal Photographer:
"In the hours between sunset and sunrise, things become a little different. They relax and spread out a little under the comfort of shadows, no longer needing to hold themselves sharp and defined like they do in the light of day. Lit only by night lights, both natural and artificial, the night makes the world a different place. It's our love of the world at nighttime that inspires the theme of this year's Big Project: Nocturnal Photographer 2010."

You can read more over at the project's FAQ but, basically, we're doing a nocturnal photography project for Utata again this year. Yay! If you're interested, hurry since there's still time to make it-you have until August 1st to complete the project.

In other "big project" news, I completed my next blurb book this week as well. Completely unexpected, but I slapped something together for their annual "Photography Book Now" contest. My entry is called "Big in Japan" and you can view it at this link. Hey, it beats looking at all that porn they usually serve up on the Internets, right? (Ahem, please say, "yes." Please.)

I also attended the Texas Wax meeting this weekend and they have big plans for some upcoming big shows. It's shaping up to be a big summer and a busy one too.

This image is one of mine from the first Utata big summer nocturnal project. I always love shooting at night, isn't it fun? Nowadays, I just hope I can pull my camera together long enough to pull off a night shoot-I've been having some technical difficulties (read: it's falling apart!) but, you know, that kind of stuff never keeps me down for long. (Ok, so maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need a new camera.)

A lot going on, yes, and Carol's still crazy after all these years. (Crazy and, you know, nocturnal too.)

Until next time...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Somebody Happy to see me

Somebody was happy to see me when I got back from my trip. You'd never know it from this picture but he seemed to be happy to see me. At least he stopped biting Austin long enough to wag his tail and look a bit chipper. A chipper Chase is a happy Chase, right?

Now I must go. A mountain of laundry awaits, fangs and all.

Until next time...

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Favorite Picture from the Road

This is one of my favorite pictures from the road. It was taken with my new iPhone at an artist's home just off the plaza in Santa Fe. The flash fired in case you were curious.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Back - Did you miss me?

BlueDetails, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I'm back from my trip. Did you miss me?

Probably not since I was blogging almost the entire time I was away. For this trip, I took my new iPhone and was actually able to post some from the road. I hope you enjoyed my "rantings from the road" as much as I enjoyed posting them. I have to admit I don't totally love the interface on the iPhone-it's not the greatest for typing, but it does seem to work well for posting a quick snapshot. Going forward, I don't intend to use mobile blogging all that much, but it might come in handy from time to time. I'll probably do it a lot less now that I have access to a "real" computer.

So, as you can guess, I'll probably be doing another of my "top 10" lists soon-look for that to come sometime in the near future. Also, you'll be reading about some of my follies and fun in New Mexico, and probably seeing some shots from there, starting with this one, which comes from Jackalope, one of my favorite places to shoot in Santa Fe.

I love going back to places I've been to shoot more interesting stuff. Some people think this is a "beginner's" thing to do, I've never felt that way. I've always been of the mindset that, if it was interesting to shoot it once, the first time, it's probably just as good, if not better, to go around again. After all, the light changes, places change, people change, and you gain a new appreciation for a place when you go back to it-you just look at it differently. I've never viewed photography or photographing interesting places as a sort of "giant check list." Check! Got the Statue of Liberty. Check! Got the Eiffel Tower. It never works for me that way-I try to take interesting pictures in whatever spot I land and, if I liked landing in that spot the first time, I'll probably like going back again, for more. I actually love diving deeper into a subject and so, going back again, a second or even third time, never bothered me all that much, in fact, I think it's harder, in a way, to get more interesting shots but it keeps us on our toes. We have to learn to look and not just respond to "the place" as we would on a first trip out to somewhere new.

As far as the trip itself, I'm back, had a great time, had some tasty food, met some interesting people, shot some great locations, and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I actually have a lot lined up to do over the next few weeks, so I need to get cracking. All that and I have yet to do my laundry or really unpack (yet) from my trip. Look for more trip reports and probably a top 10 list to come.

All of that and, oh yeah, Chase was happy to see me. Little buddy missed me while I was away, though, I'm told, he seemed to enjoy barking at the cats while I was gone.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea house

Taken inside the Tea House on Canyon Road. My favorite tea hovel in New Mexico. Because great tea is a simple pleasure all should enjoy, I can never resist going there. Love that place!

Do you have a favorite spot for tea? Do you just carry it with you or do you enjoy it all curled up with a good book?

Until next time...

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Landed in ATX. Good to be home though I miss Santa Fe already.

Until next time...

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Flying in a blue dream

Or about to actually. I've been planed.

Until next time...

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Coming home

Airline food. Actually pizza was not too bad. At ABQ, next stop DFW.

Until next time...

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Adobe Sunset

Treated to a magnificent adobe sunrise. Good Lord, I am buying one of these La Fonda spa robes, that's all I can say about that.

Until next time...

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Night Shoot

Just got back from night shoot. Heard a really great band and walked the plaza. Time for bed now. G'night, all!

Until next time...

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

All that heaven will allow

My bed-fit for a king. El Farol and La Fonda in the same day! All that heaven will allow.

Until next time...

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Factoid of the day

Interesting fact of the day-at altitude, gas (fuel) needs to be different octane-note numbers on the pump. Santa fe is one half mile higher than Denver. Makes for interesting blogs too, as it's harder to sleep at this height above sea level (7500 feet)

Until next time...

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It's The Middle of The Night And We're Still Editing

MiddleOfTheNight, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

It's the middle of the night and everybody here is still editing. Well, almost everybody-as you can see from the photo, I was out taking some pictures too. 

I had this crazy idea to do some light scribbles, so I went out with the rig, setup right by the front door to the joint, and now you have this. Shhh. Don't tell. I'm hoping they won't notice in the office until tomorrow-I'm hoping they won't notice I put a picture of this place up on Flickr until, well, at least until morning, which, actually, is just a few hours from now. 

The workshop has been going well so far. It's a lot of work-they keep us moving at a nice clock, at least, nice enough so that we can get some work done. I blew a camera out at the prison and we had some rain yesterday but it managed to clear just in time for us to do some work with the models in the pool. We've had some interesting assignments and got in a bunch of shooting so it's all been good for me. 

Tonight, for dinner, I got a little bit tired of Mexican food (thought it's really tasty here) so I opted to go for Chinese. It was good-I had some tofu at a place I found off of Yelp! It was rated four stars and one dollar sign. I *love* those kind of places-cheap eats! After the tasty Chinese food, it was off to finish assignment, shoot the scribbles, and start the editing process. 

I've been without a TV for a bit now, but I did manage to get a Facebook update from Burn Notice. No new show this week-they told me that Michael and Fiona went out "shopping for yogurt" and won't be back until next week. Gosh, I hope they pick-up some beer for Sam while they are out. No word on what the TiVo is doing while I'm going-I'm probably facing a marathon of "Days of Our Lives" when I get back. I sure hope it is recording James May's toy shows-I love watching those since, basically, I'm just a big kid in disguise. 

Well, I think it's about time I landed in bed so...

Until next time...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Light scribble evening

Went for Chinese food and did some light scribbles by the dorms. Always fun on a nice evening under the stars. Mmmm tofu.

Until next time...

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Stumbling into a metaphor

Jackalope today. One of my favorite places to shoot.

Until next time...

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes on location. Changing clothes and switching it out for our lenses.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ranch today

Going to a ranch today for location shoot. Figurative work today.

Until next time...

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A test of sorts

Testing blogpress uploads-was not working yesterday.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Almost lockdown

Today is critique of images from yesterday and then location shoot at the prison. Can hardly wait. It's been exciting but we are working hard. Models bring new challenges. Don't yet know who our models are today so we're still hoping we got good ones. I think it will be dancers maybe or ones who move well. I hope they can hold a pose too as it's a dark location.
Fingers crossed.
This shot from tea heaven-time for morning green tea.

Until next time...

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Peeking Behind Locked Doors

SilverHandle, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Tomorrow, I'm going to prison. 

For those of you who don't know, the prison in Santa Fe is an odd place. Back in the 1980's they had massive riots resulting in the prison being burnt and many people getting killed. After the riots and things settled down a bit, they built a new prison, right behind the old prison. That new prison, no, that's not the one I'm going to-I'll be photographing in the old prison, the one that almost burnt to the ground. 

Think busted, burnt out cages, long hallways, dark alleys, ruins with a roof, and you're pretty much there. It might not sound like much, but it's a photographer's dream. Seriously. It's the epitome of busted, burnt out, wrecked, broken down palaces. It's a high point in lows, in so many ways, that the contradiction alone makes for good images, let alone the visuals, not to mention the metaphor of just the prison itself. It's the kind of place where you could just stand there, not even have to look around, not even have to look through your camera's peep hole, and just *snap* your way blindly into a good photo. Image what a gifted photographer could do with such a place? 

Well, I don't consider myself gifted, but I have been wanting to visit that prison for about four years now. It's very hard to get into-you have to be let in and escorted, not to mention the environment is just a bit rough-as you can imagine, with all the dirt, grime, ash, and so on. 

Tomorrow I'm doing models in the prison. I can hardly wait. 

Sometimes, getting to peek behind locked doors is all that you think it will be. Sometimes, what's hidden, tucked neatly away, is, in fact, hidden away for a reason-it really is all that good. Such is the case with the prison. I can't wait to shoot it. It's one of those "bucket list" items photographers dream about. 

Yeah, tomorrow I'll be going to prison. Sorry to say, I might not have time to write either but look for posts to come. 

I saw an interview with "Wild Man Joe" where he talks about how being a photographer is a responsibility as well as a gift. Sure, we get to go to all of these cool places, and do wild, wonderful things, but we have to, we just have to make great images. It's for people like you, people that don't get to go-we represent you while we are there-we take pictures so that all the people can see those things, can live that life, can share in that experience. So tomorrow? Hopefully, you'll be right there with me, right in that prison, right next to those models. I promise to do the best I can to make things happen for you, so that you can share in my delight. That's the best we can all do really. 

Until next time...

Morning from Santa Fe

Top of the morning to you. Today is portfolio review and assignment shooting. Eggs at 7 then shoot 'till noon. Lovin' it. Here is a fountain by the dorms.

Until next time...

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Insights from the Workshop

ManWalksDog, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

I thought it might be a good time to tell you some of the things I have learned so far and to catch up a bit on what is happening.

For starters, I'm now in Santa Fe, at the workshop. We had our first meeting tonight-it's the "typical" Sunday evening session, where we all get to meet each other, eat a bit, attend a brief chat with the workshop manager, and then see an inspirational video. Tonight's "featured artist" for the inspirational video was Joe McNally-he's a great photographer and I really loved his video.

For starters, something that really clicked with me was something the workshop manager said to us, as a group. "Cameras don't take pictures, people take pictures." If you leave them to their own devices, camera are just a hunk of metal that sit in the corner of a room. They don't actually *do* anything, it's the photographer that does all of the "doing." So many people run out and buy tons of camera gear, they get so many bodies with so many lenses, and they get all caught up in the gear, having this lens or that lens.

I've found, over the course of shooting, especially this time out, I'm making the camera bag as light as possible. One body, one lens, not even a lot of junk at the bottom of the bag (like I always do.) It's liberating. I really have to say, I've never felt more free and my work, especially the last stuff I did in Old Town and my hotel, really reflects that. I'm thinking more, focused more on the work, relaxed, working the angles, space, and compositions, more than the letting the lenses work me. Too much clutter in the brain yields cluttered images. Seriously. I'm going to take that home with me.

Keep it simple, we're already stupid enough. It's my new words to live by.

As for the rest of it, well, as I sat and watched that Joe McNally video, I could not help but think, "ok, yeah, so that's all well and good but, just how many bed sheets were harmed in the making of that?"

I found out we're going to the prison for a location shoot and also to a horse farm b&b type place. How freaking cool is that? I've wanted to shoot inside that prison for about 4 years now.


Until next time...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Working at the Workshop

The most photographed statue in Santa Fe is not the prettiest nor is it the most spirited. No, it would be the one closest to the photographers' dorm rooms.

Until next time...

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First post from Santa fe

Made it to Santa Fe via Turquoise Trail. Could not stop in Madrid-way too crowded! Just said g'bye to the pool & hiked up the trail. Blew half a tank of gas & stopped for quick bite to eat. Now to checking @ workshops.

Until next time...

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Happy fourth of July

With the code talkers. I do not know how to say "thank you" in proper Navajo, but I am sure they got the gist of it.

I hope everybody has a safe and happy 4th. Remember to shoot fireworks from a safe distance w/a tripod.

Until next time...

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Old town old door

One of my favorite doors in old town. Best in afternoon light for shadow. This time trying out sepia iPhone app with it. Looks good in thumbnail, only true Photoshop will tell though.

Until next time...

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World's largest muffin

Just got the world's largest muffin in old town. Good with iced coffee for breakfast

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Old town square

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Rental car foof

Missouri plates-Steve would be proud. Silver rav4 this time-good for the trek up the high road to Taos.

Until next time...

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Listen Up! It's time for me to blog from the road

TheSpew, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Greetings, snowflakes! Greetings from Queen Flake as she travels through the wilds of New Mexico. Yes, it's finally time for me to catch you up on the events of the day, and what's going on with my trip.

Let's see, for starters, it was raining in Austin when I left. I got to the airport just in time this morning too-the Blue Van was a tad late and I got the latest time slot they had available, plus there was a huge line in security. Phew! I mean, it took us a long time to get up to the TSA inquiry booth and show our first ID, before even getting to the "take off your shoes, take out your laptop, this is all but a strip search" X-Ray station.

Oddly enough, this was the first time I had gone through "the machine" with eyeglass, so, embarrassingly enough, I had to stop and ask somebody, "Excuse me, do you think these will ring?" I asked the nice lady in front of me and she said that, "no, she goes through with them all of the time." Good, so now I know that. Glasses are fun most of the time, but sometimes they (and middle age in general!) throw me a monkey wrench.

Off to DFW...what can I say about that? It's a huge airport-I didn't even know they had a train there. I would up having to take the train to my next plane, and plunked myself right in front of the Admiral's Lounge at terminal C. I kept hoping a rich, cute Admiral would come out and sweep me off my feet-no such luck. On a positive note though, they let military personnel use the Admiral's club so I'm glad a lot of the service men (and ladies!) got to hang out in such posh surroundings. Good for them and cudos to American Airlines for doing that.

After DWF, I had a really nice flight-I met up with a lady from ABQ who was headed home and we wound up talking the entire flight. Talking about photography, vuvuzelas (my favorite topic as of late!) and all kinds of stuff. It was wonderful to have a nice flight where we talked the whole way and I'm so glad I met her. Yay! Flying the friendly skies instead of getting stuck next to a grumpy person. How cool is that?

Next up, the dreaded rental car ordeal. Oh right! For those of you who know me already, you already know about my run-in's with rental cars in New Mexico (it isn't over until the check engine light stops glowing!) So, needless to say, I was *so* looking forward to what New Mexico had to offer me this time around. Well, I'm pleased to say, that "spell" might just be broken. This time out, we've got a silver colored Toyota Rav4 with an a/c that works. It's cute, it's peppy, it's, "so far so good" as far as New Mexico rental cars go. The biggest grief I'd had so far was that, upon check-in, the adjustable steering wheel was placed so low it compressed my knees on the way to the hotel. I had to actually stop, read the manual, and figure out how to fix this right away. Phew! My knees thank you, Mr. Toyota, for an easy to read operator's manual, complete with a detailed index.

The hotel is fantastic, but I was so tired, I wound up just checking in and taking a nap. Zzzz. Was good to finally get some shut eye-I've been going non-stop, no food, no sleep for about two days now, and that starts to get really hard, take a toll on the old (hey, who you calling old, I'm still "middle aged") body. Feeling much better now.

Went to Old Town to walk around and maybe get some eats when I happened upon the most lovely Chamber music string quartet performing in the square. Was fantastic! Loved it! I tried to get some video for you (yes, I did say video!) with the iphone, might be able to post tomorrow, watch this space for details. I wasn't expecting Bach in the park and it was a pleasant surprise. A lovely evening entirely, I can't wait to go back again tomorrow and try to sneak in some real photos (oh, right! *Smacks head* that's what we're here for!)

Next up, it was time to eat. Checked in at La Hacienda where I had some fajitas and they had great sopapillas with fresh honey. Glory be! I might have finally found a cure for my recent scratchy throat-this was just what the doctor ordered. Sopapillas with honey were the best but, the entire time I was sitting there I just could not remember how to say "honey" in Spanish. I asked the waiter and he did not know either. I told him, "Great, now I'm probably going to remember it when I least expect it. I'll probably wake up in the middle of the night, screaming that word in Spanish and the neighbors will think I'm having some kind of strange affair or something." We both laughed. (Note to self: miel. Drats! I knew that too!)

Well, enough babbling for one day, tomorrow (hopefully) starts some serious shooting.

Until next time...

Friday, July 02, 2010

It's Time for me to Take Some Blooming Pictures

PollenFromaPearBlossom, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

Happy Friday Everybody!

As you read this, I will probably be traveling-headed up to Santa Fe for a Santa Fe Photography Workshop with the wonderful and talented Elizabeth Opalenik. I'll probably be coming in hot, coming into ABQ and maybe even shooting Old Town tomorrow (later today actually) so wish me happy shooting.

Happy shooting to one and all this glorious Friday!

Until next time...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

If I Had To Pick Just One

Ok, the time has come for me to pick one and only one image that I wish I had taken. Now, I know there are *so* many to choose from, and my selection depends entirely on personal choice-it's not a reflection of the technique of any of the photographers, instead it's more like a random "pluck" from the abyss. Actually, I could go on about this, but I won't-enough babbling, it's time for me to present my selection.

My one and only one photo that I wish I had taken is called "Morning" and it's by a photographer named Clarance H. White. It's an image done in the early pictoralist style. Here is some information I have found out about the image (it's currently licensed to Getty Images and reproduced here for educational purposes.)

"View of a woman in white dress walking outdoors in the quiet early morning hours of the day, 1908. Unspecified location. (Photo by Clarence H. White/George Eastman House/Getty Images) " It was taken on the 1st of January in 1908.

In case you do not know who Clarence White is, he was an American born photographer who lived around the turn of the century and worked in Ohio then later New York. He was friendly with Stieglitz and, along with several other pictorial photographers co-founded the Photo-Secession, an elite group dedicated to furthering photography, as well as a school in New York devoted to the craft. You can read more about Clarence White on his wiki page and find a few more links (containing more of his work) both here and here.

I had opportunity to see an original print of this image several years ago-it was contained in the Target collection of photography and I have to say that I was blown away. When standing in a room full of titans, everything from Adams, to Strand, to Weston, I somehow got drawn to this quiet contemplative study of a figure in a white dress, hung a bit obscurely in the corner of the exhibition hall. I knew at that point, somehow, this was my favorite image of the bunch and it's really one I wish I had taken. It's very ethereal, evocative, dreamy, and it just draws me in on so many levels. It has a quiet elegance about it, and it's a wonderful image that combines a bit of nature, an environment of sorts, a mysterious figure, and a gentle feeling, all of which, when combined, really push all of my photographic buttons.

The MOMA page on White says that he drew his influences from, "Whistler, Sargent and Japanese prints" and I've always been a big fan of the Pictoralist movement from that period, so this wound up being the image I selected. I hope you like it too.

Until next time...