Monday, November 23, 2009

Photo Tip #23

Photo Tip #23-Shower Caps and Nail Polish Are Not Just for Housewives Who Want to Look Pretty

Use a clear plastic show cap to cover your camera if you are shooting in windy, slightly rainy, or adverse conditions. If you are using a tripod and a lens that isn't too long, you can use the elastic on the shower cap right over your entire camera and lens setup. Simply "un-tuck" your camera when you are ready to expose the frame, as you can even look through the shower cap when first composing your images.

A lot of photographers use Vaseline to make a nice "soft filter" effect. You can smear Vaseline on a spare UV filter, for example, to make a nice filter for portraits, and this is a nice look. Vaseline, though, can get in your camera bag and "goop" up your gear. A better idea is to take a spare filter, get some colorless nail polish, and "paint" the filter, making a soft filter that you can more easily re-use. You will also have better control this way over which areas are soft and which stay sharper.


mythopolis said...

The nail polish idea is pretty cool.

Carol said...

Yes, it works-just use an old filter because it's pretty hard to scrape off all of the nail polish.