Friday, August 08, 2008

Today I am...

Blade of Grass, originally uploaded by carolsLittleWorld.

In the spirit of all things twittery, I bring you my first "today I am..." post. So, here it is.

Today I am....
* Running around like crazy doing the 8-8-8 project on flickr
* Really glad it's Friday
* Looking forward to the weekend
* Hoping it would rain
* Hoping that, well, if it's not going to rain, it would at least stop being 106. I really hate it when it's 106 outside. That's one more than 105. Ick.
* Still completely in love with The Stig, though I have no earthly clue who he really is.
* Hoping that my new computer will finally ship and get on its way to me. (I ordered a new iMac and it's hopefully started the long journey to my door.)
* Did I say, "really, really glad it's Friday" yet?
* Wondering how much I will have to water my lawn this weekend to keep it all from turning this color.
* Enjoying the early morning before it gets hot, let's celebrate the little things in life mini photoshoot I just went on.
* Did I say "Glad it's Friday" already? Yup, thought so.

So, what are you like today?

Until next time...

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Scriber's Web said...

Wow. I love this photo! So simple and stunning.

Today I am:

Playing with my new camera
Cooking Biryani
Playing Wii Fit
Writing my blog
Hanging out with my family