Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grumpy Without Ferns

EmergingFrmTheFernsNo4S, originally uploaded by carolWorldLeader.

I'm like the queen grump today. I had to ready a portfolio and I'm really tired, so this is making me grumpy. All that and I didn't have any food yet today either. Not to mention I can't have any now, since there's not a clean dish about the house anywhere, and there, my snowflakes, you have the extent of my grumpiness.

In other, more "interesting" (read: less snarky) news, it seems that photo group I keep avoiding yet somehow find myself a member of, has decided to schedule a field trip this weekend.

It's not just any field trip, to any where, mind you. It's a field trip to the Hill Country Water Gardens. Now, this might sound all "normal" and such to you (no surprise that a bunch of photographers would want to shoot a water lily and all) but, actually, I find it quite shocking. Shocking? You ask. Why yes, shocking. Want to know why?

Well, my snowflakes, it seems the Hill Country Water Gardens is right in my backyard. I could literally walk there from my house.

Yes, you read that right. The photo group I somehow manage to avoid is now taking field trips to my backyard. You do know what this means, don't you?

They're invading!

Until next time...

PS I can even say I'm out of compact flash on this one. I'm so close, I could run home, upload, go back, and reuse. Even with a 128 card. I'm screwed! Help!


CraftyGuy said...

If you don't go to the meetings, the meetings will come to you?

How special is that?

Carol said...

I'd say "gotta love it" except that, well, I don't. They'll attack me for my tripod holes. Really, they will.