Saturday, July 17, 2004

Century City
It was 100 degrees today in River City. Hot and rather unpleasant. Despite the heat, I managed to get a few things done today, although it was mostly work around the house. It's even becoming difficult to do work around the inside of the house, as I don't keep the a/c up very high and it gets rather hot pretty quickly. I'll be happy when September rolls around and it's back down to something more normal.
I'm actually dilly-dallying, as I don't want to move my desk around and do some manual type labor tonight. Sometime around 4:30 this afternoon, I sort of bonked out from doing stuff and just gave up, deciding I would take it up later in the evening, after the sun set and the hottest part of the day had passed. I should know better than to do this, as now I feel I'll never get anything done. But still, slow progress is better than no progress at all.
Enough delaying. I think it's time to clean off my danged desk and get one with it.
Until next time...

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