Monday, January 20, 2003

Eat it if you can
The home show was a blast. We walked all around and looked at stuff in all the booths. They had some really cool garden displays. We sat through a few "celebrity" talks and then I went over to Kathy's opening at the new gallery. We saw this "wall wizard" guy who, when referring to paint as a toxic chemical said, if you can eat it, you can wear it. This became, somehow, the motto for the day. I suppose my retort would be "dude, eat it if you can!" Ty said some funny stuff too. His hair was, um, spikier than usual, which I didn't think was gravitationally possible but, hey, if you can't eat it and you wear it, I suppose it might make your hair stand on end. Moral of the story: bring your own snacking items and wear it well, baby.

So, here are my answers, in no particular order:
1. Any web page...probably would be photography-related. Somehow. Dunno exactly what. HE said he would design "the world's best GUI." Cool.
2. The road to Machu Pichu (sp?) In a convertible. It'd be a death wish but, hey you only live once. And I'm dying to go there. HE said the autobahn in a Ferrari. Typical. A little too typical for HIM. Maybe he's getting bland in his old age.
3. London. Or maybe Rome. HE said NY. (I'm from there and I can't cheat on my own questions!)
4. HE said Jesus. Actually HE said, "Jesus, I don't know..."
5. Somebody in my family, if I could. HE said his Mom.

So, I went downtown last week and it's making me want to photograph more. I'm always mentally photographing, if for nothing else than the practice. I see birds in busted out windows. I see fire escapes. I see inner city dwellings with silent signs of life. It makes me want to photograph for real. But yet, I cannot. I have to wait until the precise moment when the pressure from the desire has built up. For it's only at this moment that I will produce my best work. And I do feel that, while my work is improving, my best work is yet to come. It sits in a place, deep down inside my sub-conscience, waiting for me to release it. It's there, next to my strong, imbred desire for Doritoes and all things mod. Really, it is. Speaking of Doritoes, I'm hungry. It's time for dinner. Maybe I should put a pot over my head. If you can eat it, you can wear it, right?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off and eating more than her share.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Questions, Questions, and more Questions

I did Tai Chi today. It's almost like exercise, except it's kind of relaxing. I got every Sunday to the temple and practice Tai Chi. I've gotten to where I have almost started to learn the form. At least I can remember parts of it. I kind of feel like, in a few more iterations anyway, I may actually remember some (or all) of it.

It's been unseasonably warm in Austin this year. It's back to being in the 70's and mild. This is probably because I've heard that some of the cast of TS is going to return and appear at the Home & Garden show. I'm probably going to go, being the addict that I am, but it's lending credence to my theory that there's some bad add mojo in those Winnies. I know you won't believe me but, I really want to go to the Home & Garden show to check out a spa and new deck for my home. I have to do something about the backyard. 'Course it doesn't hurt that Ty Pennington will be there, signing autographs and cheerily posing for pictures with fanatical fans, like me. Say CHEESE, Ty.

So, I have more questions. In no particular order:

1. If you could design any web page you wanted to, and have it be a "success" what would you do?
2. If you could drive any road in the world, in any car, what and where would you go?
3. If you had to live in one city, for the rest of your life, and you could never leave, where would you live and what would you miss (assuming you could not live in your current home)?
4. If you could gain all the talent, knowledge, experience, intellect, and insight of one person, who would you pick and why? What would you hope to experience?
5. If you had to help one person, just one, who would you help? Do you think that you would be a better person because of it? Or would the other person come out ahead?

And, some answers:
1. If I were on a deserted island what would I take with me:
My dog Charlie (even though he takes up more than half the bed), a can opener (for the coconuts, silly), my Eric Clapton CD collection (along with the usual yada yada about a boombox and a lifetime supply of batteries).
2. Books?
The Complete William Shakespere, Charles Dickens, and JD Salinger.
3. Movies?
Nope. Would prefer to take more CDs. Besides Clapton, I would go for Bach, M Davis, and Hendrix. OK, OK, if I had to pick a movie, it'd be Buckaroo Banzai (don't laugh, it's funny), Rocky Horror, and the Year of Living Dangerously. And maybe American History X and something by Bernando, for the visuals.

My "luxury item" would be a camera and a lifetime supply of film and paper. In fact, I would probably opt to take this before everything else. Except for maybe the can opener.

And, in case you are wondering, I'd kick any survivors, bachelors, Joe Millionaires, or any other "reality TV stars" right the Hell off the island. Hey, it's my joint. Get your own damn can opener, fool.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Friday, January 03, 2003

I Resolve

Happy New Year! It's a new year, a dawning of a new day, a new know...all that crap. Anyway, for the new year, I have decided to post my resolutions. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. I resolve to do more photography in 2003 than I did in 2002. This should not be difficult as I did very little actual photographic work in 2002, as I was too busy sulking over the economy or stalking Trading Spaces to actually care.
2. I resolve to travel more. I did not travel at all in '02 (see note in #1 above) but I will more this year. I'm already planning a trip to New Orleans and may even fit in a trip to Santa Fe for a photo workshop. Why not kill two birds with one stone if you got the stones, right? *wink*
3. I resolve to finally complete my IKEA nesting instinct and finish up stuff around my house.
4. I resolve to stop making resolutions and get out to actually live my damn life. Life is there, waiting for you. Grab it by the cohones and go, before it leaves. I already rented the video, I want the damn reality. Give it to me now, ok? That and all the choloclate you have and nobody will get hurt. Oh and, Ty, if you should happen to read this...first your money, then your clothes.

Notice there was nothing about losing weight. OK so I'm fat and I just don't care. Too bad. Love me the way I am, take me as is, or just get the hell out of here. It's my little world and I can make it BIG if I want to.

I'm having a Trading Spaces party on the 25th and we are going to finally get to see the episode we saw them film. Yippie! I'm going to make the 'ritas and it's going to be a blast. I would resolve to drink more in '03 but I've already resolved to stop making resolutions. And I think I drink enough for one year.

Bah Humbug. The holidays are over. Get your lazy butt back to work. Oh and resolve to stalk the TS cast more than I did in 2002. It's fun. Just watch out for the winnebago, ok?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off and coming un-resolved.