Wednesday, August 14, 2002

The Two Millionth Blog from River City

Funny how I've been posting a lot of blogs over time, but yet I can never seem to remember, when I sign onto Carol's Little World, what I wanted to blog about the day before. It's very strange. Kind of like how, when I go to the record store, I always forget what I went there for and end up buying something totally different from what I went in for. Even so, I seem to be a somewhat prolific blogger, if not consistent. I don't always have time to blog, but I enjoy it when I do.

I have not heard if Laurie from Trading Spaces has had her baby yet. I hope she has, for her sake anyway. It's probably hard being pregnant. It's easier to be able to put that baby down someplace, I suppose.

If it isn't migas, it's duck sauce. Gosh, what will I eat next? I had my cupcake today though. And it was good too. I didn't eat it at lunch but instead ate it at the end of the day. I needed a quick "pick me up" and it was just there for me. Yum.

I have not had much of a response on the BBQ for Ci2i. I hope folks show up, but I won't be surprised if they don't. I'm very excited about my sister coming to town. She'll be here on Saturday and will then go back shortly, but I'll get to see her for a few days. Maybe we can all watch Trading Spaces together on Saturday night (or Sunday afternoon). I hope Frank is on it, that would really make us all happy (don't get me wrong, I still like Vern a lot, but Frank is so cheerful, you just can't resist.)

Well, back to work. Happy two millionth blog (or whatever I'm up to).

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Monday, August 12, 2002

What is Courage?

It's another Monday in River City. I just finished off my lunch, which consisted of 2 egg rolls and a fruit salad. I know, I know, don't ask. It is very weird, but it's what I wanted. My lunch is, indeed, strange today. Sometimes, standing up and saying, "I want that" is an act of courage in itself.

Which brings me to my next question (or actually, point to ponder). What exactly is courage? If somebody is assertive, and they stand up for their own choices, does that make it courage? Wouldn't it be more like courage if a normally shy person got up and said, "I want that?" Isn't courage really a question of context? (What's "normal" in one context can be downright courageous in another.) Kind of like beauty being in the eye of the beholder, isn't courage contained somehow within the act (and therefore, the actors by association?) Wouldn't that make some people naturally more courageous than others?

We talk sometimes about taking a "shot of courage" but isn't that really just lowering our inhibitions, not increasing our courage? Is courage inherent in someone or something (some act?) or is it like a big well, that can be called upon when needed?

The only thing I can relate it to is photography. A good photographer will sometimes tell you that there are striking images in the little things; the ordinary, the everyday. Isn't courage the same way? Isn't there really courage in the ordinary? Maybe the person who doesn't stand up and say anything is really the one with all the courage? Maybe the person who is content on just being is the one with the courage? Kind of like zen and the art of bravery or something. Which, by the way, goes really well with egg rolls.

Until next time, pass the duck sauce please,

"The corageous Carol in Carol's Little World"

Friday, August 09, 2002

Kewl Stuff/UnKewl Stuff
It's been a while since I've updated my bio so, like here's some stuff to add to the list.

Kewl Stuff
Chocolate cup cakes. Don't know why but lately I've been digging them
Patti Griffin's Rain
Summertime BBQs
Sunsets on the porch
Trading Spaces reruns on Saturday night (you know it's a good week when Vern does a brown room)
Ty from Trading Spaces (you know it's a REALLY good week when Vern does a brown room with Ty's help)
The new Springsteen album (makes me sentimental for some reason)
Alison Krauss coming to the Austin City Limits music festival
The Austin City Limits Music Festival itself (Los Lobos, Alison, Eric Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Patti Griffin...all this AND MORE!)
Bike riding on a cloudy day
All the new wheels (new car, new bike, man, I'm just rolling along...)

UnKewl Stuff
Bike riding on a rainy day (do you have any idea how far bikes can skid? I didn't.)
Smart crows (what's next? Genius chickens?)
Any birds that like to sh!t on my new wheels (hmmm. Maybe I will have chicken tonight for dinner.)
"Broom" Hilde on Trading Spaces (instead of Vern)
Running out of paper on my color printer and having to print kewl photos on scraps (ick!)
The stock market (ok, guys. UP is THIS way. Yeah. That's it. No, no, no, no. I said UP you idiots! UP! Can you even remember that direction?!?)

All this and it hasn't really been that hot. On the whole, I've nothing major to complain about. At least I hope now.

Yours in "kewlness'


Friday on My Mind

It's Friday. You know what that means. La la la la la beer. Beer, pizza, and random thoughts from the great nothingness. Remember, we're not allowed to think too hard on Friday afternoons. It's bad for your brain. Or something.

Speaking of brains, I read this interesting article on crow's at It talked about how there's this crow named Betty who has fastened tools out of straight wire in an attempt to get food. The scientists at Oxford believe that this proves crows have more brains then we thought. What I want to know is, how do they know it's not females? I mean, maybe, as I suspected all along, the female of ANY species is a lot smarter. Oh wait, I know. The scientists are all male. That explains a lot.

And speaking of males, I found this killer site. I don't know why, but it has me wanting to put my power drill up my nose. Oh and, Ty, if you are reading this, you can come and play with my tools anytime. Fix the toilet while you've over, will ya? I don't want to marry you, but I sure could use a handy guy around the house. So, like, come over and I'll give you beer or something, ok? Maybe you could open a mayonaise jar or two while you're in the kitchen. Oh and there's this bench I wanted you to make for the patio and...

It's just a few weeks to the BBQ, which will be at my house. I can hardly wait. I have a lot to do before then. All that and my sister's coming for a visit in between. She'll be here from the 17th to the 21st. Apartment hunting and getting settled. I will probably show her around a few places or, at the very least, we'll sit outside and enjoy the sunset, as I always do, out in the country. Hey, I don't want to think about working too hard. It is Friday afterall.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Nothing New in a While/Moving Sideways at the Speed of Sound

Well, there's been nothing new for a while. I'm still puttering about the 'hood on the bike. Sure, I suppose I'm getting a little faster, but not much. It's been too damn hot to bike. It's been too damn hot to do much of anything. Although I should not complain, as it was like the coldest July on record here in the Lone Star State. August, however, is shaping up to be all too typical.

Lately it feels as if much has happened but nothing is finished. The economy seems to be going sideways deliberately. It's almost as if somebody is pushing it. "No I said THAT way!" My sister sold her house in San Francisco for a record amount of $$$ and will be moving to Austin soon. My imood hasn't changed since the beginning of the web which, as far as I can tell, is sometime in 1970 (were you even BORN then?) Vern keeps doing brown rooms on Trading Spaces. (Not that I'm complaining here, mind you. I LOVE a good brown room. Especially a good VERN brown room.) My only complaint? There just isn't enough Ty in the world. Man, he's a hottie. (Hotter than August in Austin, I suppose, although quite a goof ball.) HE has been doing ok. Waiting to get laid off like everybody else, I suppose. Enjoying the summertime. Tonight is national night out so I will go home, sit out, and do what I always do after work (go home, sit out and watch the sun go down.)

Alan Greenspan may be knighted. Yes, that kind of knight. The nice British lady whacking you with a knife kind of knight. Just like Mick Jagger. But not Eric Clapton. Go figure. If I weren't so busy moving sideways at the speed of sound, I'd be wallowing in it.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off and moving THAT way.