Saturday, May 25, 2002

Friday in the Garden of Good and Evil

Another Friday is upon us. I love Friday's. The feel like warm, fuzzy slippers on a cold winter's night.

I got some books from Amazon today. They came after a long wait. Mostly books on Morocco and Berber design. I really want to go there and I have started my research. Someday, I will go to Marakesh and enjoy the view from the hilltop. That and Casablanca. Morocco is so fully of symbolism and substance. It's a great place. I just hope I get to go someday. I'm already taking pictures in my head.

Taking pictures in my head? Did I just write that? I know it's true though, as this is how I take all my pictures. Some images last in my brain for several years before my lazy hands actually pull them out and put them down on paper. I can't help it. Part of being an artist is being a visionary. It comes with the territory. I guess I'm used to it, although I still have not resolved how photographers can really call themselves artists. We're not. I mean, I suppose we are. But I feel like we're not. I feel like being a photographer is really a poor excuse for an artist. But, the term artist is really a label. And it's just a label. Nothing more, nothing less. It's more about attitude than terminology, I suppose.

Which brings me back to Morocco. Such a cool place. So different. Exotic. Isn't that what you're supposed to call something when it's not pretty and you don't know what else to say? Morocco is pretty though. And exotic. Maybe even pretty exotic.

That's some label. If you believed in those types of things.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

When I was a Kid

The other day, I was surfing the web and I happened across a site that started out with the words, "when I was a kid...." It just go me thinking about how that's such a loaded phrase. Most folks have a lot of baggage from when they were younger, but they always seem to resort to saying, at some point in their adult lives, "when I was a kid...." (or "when I was young...." or any suitable substitute.) So, here's my blogger.

1. When I was a kid....I had a dog named Sandy. We got him when I was 4 and had him for long time. I named him Sandy because he was the color of sand and, at the age of 4, I thought that was a cool name.
2. When I was a could not buy records easily. And there were NO CDs. You'd wait to hear music on the radio, trek down to the record store, with your hard earned allowance, only to find they were out of whatever and had loads of something you didn't really want but will take because you do not want to go home empty-handed. True this is.
3. When I was a kid....I lived in Scarsdale, NY and thought the world revolved around NYC and ended at the New Jersey state line. Now I'm an adult and I realize that the world does indeed end at New Jersey. That's where HELL begins.
4. When I was a kid....Coffee cost $.25 ($.50 at most) and there were no Starbucks. NO Starbucks. Not just "gee, there's one missing from THAT corner." They didn't exist. At all. Not even in Seattle. Or Hell. Where they belong (See #3 in regards to NJ)
5. When I was a kid....I didn't have a VCR, a video game, and there was no MTV. (Ahem, for you youngins, there was no VH1 either.)
6. When I was a kid....I got good marks in school. I don't know why but, for some reason, I think that most of my friends now should probably find this surprising, or, at least, really amusing. They probably think I was a flunky. Which I think is funny. Funny how life is, isn't it?
7. When I was a kid....there was no AIDS. No Crack. No extacsy.
8. When I was a kid....we had a cherry tree in the back yard. I had a swing set. We had two pink dogwoods in the front. You couldn't play near the side because we had some flowery bush that attracted LARGE BUMBLEBEES. The kind that made you run two blocks to avoid being stung. Now that I'm an adult I can safely say, "they probably like the flowers and weren't really after ME." Now that I'm an adult, I live in Texas. Don't mind the killer bees.
9. When I was a kid.....the Son of Sam was the big terrorist.
10. When I was a kid....I wanted nothing more than to grow up and be "big." Now that I'm big....well....

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Monday, May 20, 2002

What is it about Tex-Mex? Pass the migas.

Ok. I give up. What is it about Tex-Mex food that attracts people? I mean, it's greasy and fattening. It's cheap. Oh wait...I get it. Nevermind. Pass the migas, ok?

Seriously. It's been a while since I've been out and enjoyed a margarita that I did not blend myself. I'll have to go. Craig's going away party was probably the last I partook (is that a word? Hmm. Nevermind. It's my blog and we've already established that I can makeup words if I want to. And I want to. Sometimes. When the moon is full and the migas are HOT. Or the 'ritas are cold. Yeah, it's probably safe to blame it on the 'ritas.) But, Craig has made it to San Fran and I still have not had another margarita. Hmmm. Time to go a drinkin'.

There's something about Tex-Mex restaurants that get me. Probably because we did not have them back east. Sure we had some, but they aren't the same. Heck, I even saw one in England. London I believe. In Kenningston. The rich area. Strange to say the least. I mean, what are rich snobby folks in England doing eating Tex-Mex and drinking 'ritas? It's greasy, fattening, and nothing like authentic British food. Oh wait....I get it. Pass the migas, mum. Been kind of slow today. Not really, just in my head. :~)

I wonder who picks the colors in the restaurant? Does bright pink really go with orange, yellow, blue, and red? If you have enough 'ritas do all the colors blend together? Is that why they sell swirls? Oh wait....I get it. Nevermind. Pass the Migas, ok? Does anybody actually wear a sombrero? Probably not, eh?

And...what exactly IS in a miga? Is it really just eggs? How's it different from a western omlette? I mean, it's just hot sauce, eggs, and tortillas, right? Oh wait. I get it....Nevermind. Pass the migas, ok?

Huevos Rancheros para todos! And to all a good miga.

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Friday, May 17, 2002

Another Friday Afternoon/Nothing too Deep to Drown Over

Greetings fellow blog readers, another Friday afternoon is upon us. How wonderful and magical can Friday be? Let's hope this is a good one for all.

Let's see...I suppose I should catch you up on what's been going on around Carol's Little World. I started walking again, since we've had some cold fronts move through the area and it's been nice enough. It will probably turn again next week and leave me exercising in the great air-conditioned unknown of my bedroom. It's supposed to rain tonight so we'll see if we can get a walk in before the sky opens up and let's it rip. I can tell by looking up it's going to rip off a good one too. It's already black and "stormy" looking. But, hey, it's NOT Monday so I suppose it's alright if it wants to be stormy. In a kind of ironic twist of the blogger, the song "Lightening Crashes" just came on over the headphones. Hmmm. Wonder if there is any great symbolic, omen-like meaning behind this. Probably not, because, hey, it's Friday. Great symbolism, raw substance, poetic irony, and other heartfelt tenderings always seem to happen on Tuesday afternoons. Anytime other than Friday, which is reserved for non-thinking activities such as tossing beer bottle tops and nearby unsuspecting squirrels. Like the often quoted (in THIS blogger anyway) Cowboy Junkies say, "good news always sleeps 'till noon." I suppose I could add my corollary, "bad things never happen on Friday." Well, almost never. If they do, I suppose, the bad feelings don't hit until Monday afternoon. Life just works that way. It's neither broken nor understood. And, as long as you have enough beer bottle tops and can out-run the wild life, you still ain't at the bottom of the stack. So, it's safe to say, it could be worse.

And, since I've exceeded my thought capacitiy for a Friday, I'll leave you with a quote from the next up on the headphones list of toe-tapping tunes, Smashing Pumpkins, "Today"

"Today is the greatest day I've ever known." (What, you weren't expecting anything DEEP where you? C'mon. It's FRIDAY!)

To which I add, "at least until tomorrow" and, um, "especially if you are not a squirrel."

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Fran SanCisco

My friend Craig has made it out to San Francisco safely and soundly. I'm glad to hear he's out there and enjoying himself. SF is such an odd place. I mean, in one sense, it's romantic and is full of all these romantic notions about how life was, how it should be, and what it should become. In the 60's, it was the heart of the hippie generation. The free love, good acid, hard rock scene, it was all there. Headquartered in SF. Then it blossomed into a western financial capitol with a diverse cultural background. Next, the dot commers show up and trash the place. Still it's got a certain aura about it that's strange. I can remember walking downtown, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city, but still feeling relaxed, like the remainder of California. It's vibrant yet relaxed. Cultured yet friendly and down-to-earth. It's a mixture of everything that blends into a grand nothing.

For some reason, you think that, when you show up in California, you are going to be surrounded with movie stars, bright lights, and all kinds of excitement. SF also has the allure of the ocean. You can smell the salt from the water in many places throughout the city. It's a different kind of California, with a lot of immigrants, huge traffic problems, too many yuppies, a sordid history, but still somehow the city has emerged as a winner. I guess you could say it at least broke even. And it didn't even know it was in the game. That's pretty good for rotten odds, bad luck, and too many computer programmers, wouldn't you say?

Calla lillies...the gay scene.....the Chinese restaurants....the Pier......BART......Alameda......The wharf......The Height.....Leaving your heart.....finding yourself.....It's all there, more or less. A little shaky, a little shaded, a little tarnished, but still surviving and somehow doing somewhat better than just "getting by."

Sound familiar?

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Long Time No Write

If it isn't one's another. First I had the flu. Damn nearly killed me. Then, we had a big release at work and I got caught up in "feeds" which, for all purposes, can translate into "I got fed." But, I'm back now. At least I think so. Still have a hacking cough. Hopefully this will go away.

Strangest thing happened to HIM. Yes, it's true. Maybe it was the high fever that accompanied the flu but...get ready for this....I have replaced HIM. It's a new, improved HIM. Another HIM. I suppose, to avoid confusion, I should call HIM (ahem, the "new" one) HE2 or some such thing. Still haven't worked out the details on THAT mess.

I got the new Frontgate catalog and it seems they have a fooz table that it suited for the great outdoors. It's water proof and everything. Only problem? It's $750. But, hey, it might be worth the price. I could put it in my yard. I'm having a ceiling fan put in to cool the patio. It just may work with a fooz table under it.


Just don't call me "little blue Carol"

Until next time, this is Carol, the Carol in "Carol's Little World" signing off.