Saturday, November 18, 2017

Opportunity Weekend - November 18th

A beautifully colored door detail showing red and green paint and rusted locks from a door in Guilin, China.
Will this weekend unlock some opportunities for you? I am going to do my part to try to help you out here by passing along some opportunities for you. Here they are:
I hope this unlocks a bunch of opportunities for you. Best of luck and get after it as they say.

Until next time...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

It's Video Time

Been working on some of my images for an upcoming share and I decided to make a little video. Now, it's not really a video, it's more like stills setup in iMovie with some music set to the background but it kind of looks like a video. You know what they say, right, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and it quacks...yeah, so that. It's an almost video video from Guilin. I hope you like it.

Most of the laundry is now done, and I still owe you some notes from the road and, of course, my top 10 list. This one promises to be a crazy one so let's hope I get off my duff and get 'er done, as they say 'round these parts. Until then you will just have to settle for a little non-movie movie from China. (What? Were you hoping for some popcorn? Get your own, man, get your own.)

Until next time...

PS This little movie made in iMovie out of images shot on a Canon 5DS. Set to music that's royalty free and available on iTunes and Vimeo. Enjoy!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Opportunity Weekend - November 10th

Beautiful reflection of colorful red stools next to a pond in Guilin China
Pull up a stool and reflect on some happy opportunities for you this weekend. Here we go:
 There are a bunch more out there but these should get you started. Good luck! 

Until next time...


Thursday, November 09, 2017

Pagoda and a Little Luck

A beautiful reflection of an old pagoda off the beaten path in Guilin, China.
In case it's not clear from my prior ramblings, I'm back from my trip. Notes from the Road and also Opportunity Weekend will hopefully now continue as they were. I just wanted to pop in and talk a little about my experience in China and my return.

China is a beautiful country and this was an amazing opportunity. I love the fact that I was able to go there for a visit and take some photos. I honestly don't know what to make of it. In many ways, I feel like this was a beginning of an exploration for me of sorts. It's as if I really want to go back again, and maybe spend a month there or more. Perhaps I left with just a taste of what I want to do. That's OK though, as I really enjoyed my stay there and started thinking about what I really want to do photographically. The food was wonderful, the scenery fantastic, the group was great, we all had a great time. I just wish I could go back again or maybe if I could have stayed longer, that's all. It's hard to get a feel for a place that's so far away in such a short time but I tried. China really is on the other side of the world and it felt that way in many ways.

Perhaps the most positive aspect of my trip was that I really felt like I got away. I had been in a sort of a rut before I left and, let's face it, I really needed a vacation. This was all of that and more. I got to do some exploring, I got to do some magical discoveries, I got to see things I thought only existed in books. I got to see a little bit what life is like on the other side of the world. That was a great opportunity and I'm so thankful I got to go and got to see and share what I did. In some ways, it left me feeling I want more but it was a wonderful experience.

In Austin now, the cold has moved in and winter is all but upon us. It's also time for the annual madness that is the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST.) Now, I'm not participating in EAST this year but I am always somewhat impacted by the chaos, the shows, the energy of it all. The season has definitely changed, I can feel this in the air. It's good to be back home again, to feel more refreshed, to witness the new season dawning upon us, and to start the process of processing the images from the trip. It's going to take a while I'm sure but that's where I'm at right now.

At least part of my head will always be on a quiet hill, in the back alleys and unknown little pockets of Guilin. It's a magical place and I'm so happy I got to take a peek inside this other world, even if it was only for a little bit. More to come on this, I'm sure, but this is me checking in, back from the other side of the world this time.

Until next time...

PS This one taken in a hidden area in Guilin, China, with the Canon 5DS and the walkabout lens.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Notes From the Road

Made it back down from the mountain village, where the air was cool and crisp. Lots of good shooting, not much time to process or post. Thought I would leave you with a pagoda for your thoughts. More when I am back States-side. Until then, here is the sun and moon pagoda, as seen at night.

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Notes From the Road

No picture today, as I am on the road and can't upload right now. I did want to post some notes from the road, so here goes.

Travel to and first day notes 

The flights...the flights...what can I say about the flights? It's hard sitting your butt down in one place for twelve hours at one time, really it is. On the whole, the experience was not so bad. The flight to Seattle was cramped, as I expected it to be, with Seattle and Austin both being high tech hubs. It was packed in there pretty good and we had a smaller older plane. Bah. I hate that. Everybody should get a new plane. Like Oprah. "New plane for you! New plane for you! Everybody gets a new plane!" 

You know the feeling when you can't quite get comfortable? Yeah, it felt like that. But it's a short four hour flight compared to the long hauls so not too bad. Once in Seattle, I had to change terminals two times. This is not hard. The airport is relatively easy to navigate. I made my way to terminal S which is the terminal that has customs and is used for international flights. It's like little China in there. They ran the announcements in Chinese and English. Starting to feel a bit closer now to my destination. Then it was time to board the big bird. Luckily, I had a Dreamliner which offers up a comfortable flight. I had an aisle seat so I could stick my legs out. 

More to come as I can....

Until next time...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Odds, Ends, and Opportunities

A couple of odds and ends for today. For starters, I found out I was nominated for a 2017 Black and White Spider Award. You can see the gallery of entries here: I really love the Spider awards because the work is usually top quality. This really is the best of black and white photography so I would encourage you to have a look and even spend some quality time with this site. It's wonderful.

Next up, a couple of opportunities for you:
I think that should be a good enough hint as to where I'm at over the next couple of weeks. Safe travels and good light!

Until next time...

PS This one taken with the 5DS and the 100mm macro lens. The place I'm going is actually pictured on that 20 Yuan bank note.