Sunday, September 15, 2019

Opportunity Weekend - September 15, 2019

A slightly different take on China for tonight's "Opportunity Weekend." Here are some opportunities for you this week:
That's a bunch of calls to get you going this week.

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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Opportunity Weekend - September 7, 2019

This week's image in memory of Andrew and Adrian Fritz who perished in the boat fire in California.

Here are opportunities for this week:
That's a bunch of calls for you this week. I hope your art blooms in full.

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Monday, September 02, 2019

Opportunity Weekend - September 1, 2019

It's a long weekend in the US this time, so I'm offering up a few opportunities for those of you wanting to make the most of it and send out your work. Here they are:
That's a bunch of opportunities for you to go out and get after. Have a great long weekend.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Last Goodbye - RIP Chase

Some sad news to report. Today, Chase lost his brave battle with cancer. After a particularly difficult night, I made the decision earlier today to put him down. He was 13 years old and pretty much full of life until the past few days, when the massive tumor in his belly finally got the better of him and he all but stopped eating. He had been wasting away and was almost skin and bones. We didn't want to see him suffer so I made the difficult decision earlier today. My vet has a "quiet room" that's a bit more comfortable so we went and spent some time with him there before leaving. I had them take some pictures of us together, and got a few with the family. Some last minute images to remember him by. This is the last picture of him ever taken.

The thing about dogs is that there is a certain nobility in their simplicity. They like to eat, they like to chase balls, they love it when you come home. Chase always loved a good belly rub, in fact, that was one of the last acts we shared. He hated to be held (the way I'm doing it here) he preferred to be free and on the ground, but he loved nothing more than getting close to me, flopping down on his back, and letting me rub his belly. He loved sitting in the grass. He loved sticking his head out car windows and catching a breeze. He loved squeaky toys and balls and was afraid of potato chip bags. He was slightly afraid of wheels and, at one point, was afraid of his own shadow. He was quit skittish as a dog but then he also went after things, sometimes things he should never go after, like cats. He loved to chase cats and squirrels. Thank goodness he never met a skunk.

I'm really going to miss the little guy. He was such a part of my life. As I gear up for more travel in the bottom half of the year, I can't help but think how empty the house will be now once I return home. I'm really going to miss my little buddy. He was such a good little guy.

I hope someday you get to know the love from a dog. It's really special and noble that is. Chase was no exception. He was a good dog and he will be missed.

Rest in peace, my little buddy, rest in peace.

Until next time...

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Opportunity Weekend - August 24, 2019

In the mood for a little black and white tonight, so that's what you are going to get. Speaking of black and white, here are some opportunities in black and white (OK, the puns are getting a little thin but, heck, the opportunities are ripe these days):
Finally, there is one detailed opportunity to tell you about, this one from A. Smith Gallery:

Everyone in the world is cordially invited to celebrate World Cyanotype Day at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas on Saturday, September 28 by creating cyanotype flags of their interpretation of Land/Sea/Sky on white cloth, each 12×12 inches (30×30) cm. Strung together, the flags symbolize the beautiful planet we all inhabit. If you would like to participate in the A Smith Gallery flag installation, please send your flags to the gallery. We also invite you to celebrate with your friends wherever you find yourself on September 28, World Cyanotype Day.

If you would like for A Smith Gallery to hang your flags in celebration of World Cyanotype Day, please mail or ship them for delivery by September 16, to:

A Smith Gallery
103 N Nugent #175
P O Box 175
Johnson City, TX 78636

If you would like for us to return your flags, please include return address and postage.

The installation will hang in the gallery until October 21. The flags will then be taken to New Orleans to the Healing Arts Center for an exhibition beginning in December for PhotoNOLA until the end of Mardi Gras.

There is no entry fee. We just want to fill the gallery with cyanotype flags!

For more information or questions, please contact

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Opportunity Weekend - August 17, 2019

Strike a pose! It's time for you to strike some opportunities running around in the wild:
That's a bunch of opportunities for you. Good luck!

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Sunday, August 04, 2019

The Art of Conversation

This week, I had the honor and privilege of serving as the competition judge for the North Austin Pfotographic Society club meeting. The work presented was stunning and ranged from beautiful full color landscapes from Africa to black and white urban images from New York, also including some Texas treasures, some architecture, wildlife, and aviation imagery. Given that the topic was "Open Themed" work for this, I'm not surprised at the range of images presented, with the only real common "theme" being great quality work. It was exceptionally difficult to select from the group, as everybody really did a superb job. Really, I can't speak highly enough to the quality of the work.
One thing I can say for certain is that, if you have never spent some time speaking, or even listening to a photographer talk about imagery, it's worth your time. When I say, "speaking" here I'm not talking about the usual, "nice shot" or even the expected, "what kind of camera do you have?" type of critiques. No, for these discussions, we weighed openly the artistic merits of the images presented, all with an eye towards helping the photographers craft images with strong impact and great emotional appeal. Not that they needed much help, as most did quite well on their own, before my babbling on about the work and what they were doing.

I have always loved talking about photography, discussing what makes an image work or really sing on some level and how some images seem to really tug at your heartstrings or otherwise seem to captivate the viewer. It can be difficult to have this level of conversation, especially for those new to working in the medium. It's easy, perhaps way too easy, to jump right into the "nice shot," end of the pool or, perhaps even worse, devolve into a discussion surrounding the technical merits. Photographers often glom onto the technical minutia surrounding the lens and camera equipment, rather than the artistic merit of the work. I am ever so grateful that I was able to lead a discussion this week away from that and onto the artistic side of the equation for the wonderful work that was presented.

Thanks to the North Austin Pfotographic Society for making it all happen and I hope you enjoy this beautiful work. You can see the results on their website at the following link:

If you ever have opportunity to listen, I mean really listen, to a photographer discuss the artistic merits of work, how we get the shots we get, what makes an image really "sing" or come alive, it goes without saying really but I wholeheartedly recommend it. It makes for a great evening-getting to hear about the work plus enjoying the visual treats. It's a great way to pass your time, that's for sure. Images can be really captivating themselves and, when you add the story, the discussion, the depth of what we are doing into the mix, why it can be downright breathtaking. At least, I always seem to really enjoy myself whenever I get the opportunity to partake in these type of discussions.

Until next time...